Reopening After COVID-19 in Commercial Property Sector

Get immediate support to implement all necessary steps & hygiene measures

Get immediate support to implement all necessary steps & hygiene measures


In the commercial real estate sector, you are used to bringing a wide range of requirements together under one roof, from economic efficiency to security. However, the current pandemic is making this balancing act even more challenging for you.

As an independent testing organization, we are aware of the complex expectations that your customers now have - and we know the responsibility that you and your commercial properties bear towards protecting the health of the public. The fight against Covid-19 in your buildings demands more attention and the ability to act quicker than ever before.

With TÜV SÜD's experts, you will have a partner who can provide you with fast and targeted assistance based on many years of know-how in the field of commercial property. We assess the current situation in commercial properties of all sizes and inform you about risks with a risk assessment. You can have your pandemic protection measures checked and supplemented with an audit; with TÜV SÜD, you can also build up valuable knowledge about protective measures directly in-house.

Four walls and a roof represent safety and protection: partner with us to ensure that this remains so, especially in times of a pandemic and contact us today.


  • We start over - but not from the beginning! TÜV SÜD supports you in all phases of pandemic management. At the same time, our experts are already familiar with the specifics of the commercial real estate sector and get involved where you need them.
  • We offer fast solutions for complex issues: Because our service is straightforward and comes from a single source. We prepare the results of your audits in real-time and also answer questions on related topics.
  • With us, you are on the safe side! As an independent organization, we are the most reliable partner to neutrally assess compliance with hygiene rules in your properties.  

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