Attend our speaking sessions and or meet us at booth #841

Attend our speaking sessions and or meet us at booth #841

RIMS 2023

The Global Risk Consultants team is excited to attend RIMS RISKWORLD 2023 in Atlanta. It’s a chance to share ideas with some of the top thought leaders in our industry. We’re excited to meet with clients, risk managers, and others to discuss trends and how risk engineering can help companies combat today’s most critical issues.

Meet us in booth #841 or watch one of our speaking sessions. Contact us to set up a meeting at RIMS.


Harness the Power of Data for Better Risk Management and Insurance Outcomes 

Mon 5/1 – 1:20 pm 1:40 pm

Global Studio Booth #1551

A strong approach to data helps risk managers solve 2023’s greatest challenges like a hard market, inflation, and property insurance coverage gaps. This session will explain how quality data enables you to “sell” your risk profile to underwriters and gain the most favorable insurance terms and conditions. It also examines the importance of data in actionable formats for proper analysis, and how solid metrics power risk management strategy conversations with upper management. The session also explains how artificial intelligence is being used to enrich data like statements of values (SOVs), Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure (COPE) information, and other property attributes. Explore how taking a more intentional initiative on effective data collection, processing, and sharing unlocks a litany of business efficiencies that impact your bottom line and keep your people and property safer.


Peter Linn, Vice President of Risk Engineering Services, Global Risk Consultants

Hemant Shah - Co-Founder & CEO - Archipelago 

Protect Your Assets from the Impact of Climate Change

Mon 5/1 – 10:00 am – 10:20 am

Global Studio Booth #1551

The past eight years were the warmest on record globally and these trends are expected to continue. Your organization must understand the impact this will have on its facilities and insured assets, both now and in the future. Discover how risk professionals and facility managers can model the likely effects of global warming to develop plans that will adequately protect assets and prevent losses. Doing the right things now will pay dividends in the years to come.


 Ulf Bruening – Principal Consulting Lead, Global Risk Consultants

Chemical Industry Risk Management Landscape

Tues 5/2 – 11:00 am – 11:20 am

Global Studio Booth #1551

Review the chemical industry’s risk management challenges, including risk issues, loss drivers and historic losses and patterns. Assess the main supply chain concerns, including multiple bottlenecks that have disrupted the global networks of people, companies, and modes of transport that order and manufacture goods. Evaluate natural hazards exposure and statistical losses as well as the importance of location-based risk assessment for flood, earthquake, hurricane, windstorm, and hail exposures. Measure the impact of risk improvement, especially in a hard market when more and more organizations face increased exposure, capacity, and premium dilemmas.


 Kozeta Rexha – Client Executive, Global Risk Consultants 

Elevate Your Property Risk Program

Tues 5/2 – 3:30 pm – 3:50 pm

Global Studio Booth #1551

As the property insurance market constantly evolves, your organization faces continued premium increases and underwriter expectations of proactive portfolio risk reduction while you adapt your risk management strategy to mitigate emerging threats. Discuss ways to develop a well-rounded property risk engineering program that increases market acceptance and provides a holistic view of your organization’s facilities. Examine the impact of inflation on property values, reducing fires via electrical hazard assessments and preparing for interruptions to business. Join us to learn how to position your property insurance program for success.


 Speaker: Charlie Carriker – Strategic Sales Leader, Global Risk Consultants

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