Fire Protection Risk Engineering & Loss Control

Fire Protection Risk Engineering & Loss Control

Ready to reduce your fire risks and gain an edge in underwriting negotiations? The world’s most successful businesses already have by working with Global Risk Consultants.

  • AES reduced risk exposure by $37 billion after 300+ facilities inspections.
  • Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing lowered its risk of fire and accidents while creating a safer work environment.
  • One of the world’s largest food processing companies avoided a total plant shutdown and multi-million-dollar loss due to our infrared imaging and hotspot detection expertise.

We provide fire protection engineering, accurate loss estimates, arc flash analysis, fire code compliance services, infrared thermography scans, electrical safety audits, renewable energy fire inspections, flammable liquid and gas storage, and more.

Risk managers: want to show carriers you’re serious about fire risk reduction in a challenging market?

Brokers: want to sell your client’s risk in the best possible way?

Carriers: want knowledge that the companies you insure are serious about mitigating fire risks?

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“The consultative nature of the work performed by GRC has resulted in $37 billion of risk reduction.” -Justin Voss, AES Corp.

“Their reports are of the highest quality, the online database provides valuable data at our fingertips, and the consultative advice is valued greatly among all our business units.” -Paul Piazza, Honeywell International

“GRC is not just a provider, they are a partner.” -Tom Gratz, Pentair