Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

About fleet management solutions

Fleet management solutions are designed to help businesses that operate and manage large numbers of vehicles and which are facing increasingly complex operations due to regional expansion, strict national regulations, increased fuel and maintenance costs and loss of productivity. Fleet optimization services involve independent expert reviews of your existing fleet, processes and activities, as well as recommendations and guidance on best practice for improving fleet management to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

A fleet optimization project provides you with following benefits:

  • Streamline your vehicle processes to improve profitability and remain agile to withstand increasing competitive pressure
  • Minimize your residual value risks by using overall fleet management solutions that include reconditioning of used, returned and remarketed vehicles
  • Increase your work efficiency by implementing quality and process optimization to streamline your administrative activities to be able to focus on your core business
  • Increase productivity with complete solutions that increase the operational readiness of your fleet and build the operational skills of your drivers
  • Ensure reliable operations through strengthened professional driver skills and occupational health and safety solutions to ensure your staff remain fit and productive 

we have decades of fleet management and fleet optimization experience

Together with our subsidiary Fleet Logistics, we act as your trusted partner to your fleet management business, understand your business needs and provide complete solutions for your fleet operations. Leveraging our common expertise ensures that your fleet operations are optimized for efficiency and profitability and operational, occupational and safety risks are minimized.

Our customer-focused approach to quality and safety results in solutions that provide long-term value to your organization. Furthermore, we are also fine-tuning our one-stop shopping concept and extending our portfolio to include new services for shared mobility (e.g. car-sharing fleets) and intermodal transport.

Fleetlogistics Logo As a neutral vehicle management service provider, Fleet Logistics offers global fleet advisory, operational fleet management and reporting to optimize client’s fleet according to their strategic requirements. Managing 180,000 vehicles in leasing and purchase, the local Fleet Logistics experts use their know-how and state-of-the-art systems to identify and exploit costs saving opportunities for customers.

The unique combination of local expertise, internationally linked processes and systems and a market neutral position, allows full Client support in the strategic development of their vehicle fleets.

our fleet management services

We provide fleet management solutions that cover all aspects of your transportation operations:

Business services

  • Quality and process optimization – Our experts can advise you on improvements to your fleet operation processes and quality standards. We provide auditing and certification according to ISO 9001 quality management systems and provide computer-based tools that automate processes for better efficiency.
  • Environmental efficiency – We analyze critical points of your operations and provide suggestions to help reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs based on our GreenFleet® concept.
  • Documentation services – TÜV SÜD can efficiently manage vehicle registrations and administrative paperwork for your business.
  • Occupational health, safety and training – We can review your accident prevention policies and propose occupational health and safety programs. Our experts also design training programs to ensure safe and sustainable driving capabilities for your drivers.

Vehicle services

  • Used car management – Our experts can recondition, coordinate repairs and conduct independent assessments of your used vehicles before they are remarketed to maximize your returns.
  • Damage assessments – TÜV SÜD offers damage assessment reports that cover issues related to insurance settlement.
  • Value appraisals – We provide vehicle appraisals to determine depreciation and value for commercial purchase.
  • Vehicle inspection – TÜV SÜD offers expert technical inspections, including emission testing and vehicle modifications to ensure overall safety and meet the requirements of authorities.
  • Vehicle contract management – We support you in negotiating and adjusting contracts by analyzing and designing contracts, or setting cross-border standards.

Additional truck fleet management services

TÜV SÜD can provide customized solutions that addresses all aspects of operating commercial truck fleets from planning, staff resourcing to pricing structures.

  • Periodical technical truck inspections – as a procedure mandated by national governments in many countries, TÜV SÜD conducts technical inspections, emissions test and safety checks of your trucks and endorses vehicle conformance via vehicle decals or inspection stickers.    

Additional services for rental and leasing companies

Our signature product – FleetCheck – a computer-based management of individual vehicle units makes work easier for rental and leasing companies in the commercial sector. This service includes:

  • Automatic vehicle recognition – Computer-based vehicle identification via expert software (similar to bar code system).
  • Computer-based test reports – You will receive all test results in the form of a computer-based test report. The test data are put on file for 10 years.
  • Auditing  
  • Decals according to specific individual specifications
  • Other services according to your specific needs – e.g. damage documentation, maintenance results, servicing condition, completeness and correctness of equipment including conformity with condition on delivery, contractual mileage)


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