Automotive ADR Testing and Compliance

Access the Australian automotive market by achieving safety and emissions compliance for vehicles and equipment

Access the Australian automotive market by achieving safety and emissions compliance for vehicles and equipment


The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) contain Australia’s national standards for vehicle safety, theft resistance and emissions. ADR regulations cover a wide range of aspects with regard to vehicle safety and compliance, including occupant protection, structure, lighting, noise, braking and exhaust emissions.

The ADRs are largely based on and actively harmonized with the ECE regulations, promulgated by the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations to ensure Australian vehicle compliance. However, instead of the ECE type approval system being used, manufacturers self-certify that their vehicles and vehicle components comply with all applicable ADRs, following the self-certification system in the United States.

About ADR testing and ADR certification

Vehicles imported into Australia must undergo ADR inspection by an authorized compliance engineer who certifies that they comply with ADR regulations. The automotive manufacturer and supplier must therefore ensure the safety compliance of their products with ADR requirements if they want to sell their products in the Australian market.


The Australian Government requires all road vehicles - regardless of whether or not they are manufactured in Australia, or are new or second-hand vehicles being imported - to comply with the relevant ADRs. This is primarily for safety reasons.

If manufacturers cannot demonstrate the compliance of their motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment with the ADRs, then they will be denied market access, cutting off any potential for automotive sales within Australia. It is therefore important that ADR inspection and testing is carried out for vehicles.

By working with us and ensuring compliance with ADR certification you gain the following business benefits:

  • Comply with Australia’s national standards to ensure smooth access to the Australian automotive market.
  • Minimize risk by working with an independent third-party testing and verification specialist to ensure that your products comply with the correct ADR market access requirements.
  • Save time and money by taking advantage of our in-depth understanding of Australian compliance requirements. Based on that we can create a homologation plan that is tailored to your needs so that costs are reduced, and time-to-market is minimized.
  • Gain a competitive edge by working with our global team of highly skilled experts, who are always up to date with any changes to Australia’s regulations and by entering the Australian market without delays to unlock automotive sales potential.

As your third-party testing and verification specialist, TÜV SÜD supports you to ensure ADR Compliance

Recognized as a leading global service provider of various mobility services, we have more than a century of automotive testing and certification experience, so you have access to experts with an in-depth knowledge of the ADR testing and certification process. Our global homologation teams and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories allow us to support leading automotive brands and OEMs worldwide.

We support you in identifying the correct vehicle category according to ADR and which regulations must be fulfilled. To ensure you comply with the applicable ADR, our homologation experts partner with you throughout the testing, self-certification and compliance process.

Our expert team has an in-depth understanding of the ADR testing and certification process and will work alongside you during the process, providing guidance and support as your trusted partner. As part of the testing process, we provide you with a framework that ensures your compliance with ADR certification, therefore putting you in the best possible position for a seamless entry into the Australian market.

Below, you can see the process for ADR vehicle type approval and the various stages at which we support you:

Australia Vehicle Type Approval Process  


As a business, we are fully authorized by Australia as a testing oversight body, while our homologation experts support OEMs and suppliers along the entire ADR homologation process - from registration and testing to the final application for vehicle approval.

We support with:

Manufacturer registration

We support you in the preparation of documents that are required to register your company in Australia.

Vehicle and component testing

We offer a complete range of testing services according to ADR standards and witnessing services of ADR tests to ensure smooth market access.

Homologation services

We work with you to ensure that you meet the necessary ADR regulation requirements, and that all necessary documents are provided to gain access to Australia’s automotive market. In addition, we support you with the communication with local authorities.

Multi regulation manageent

We support you to understand and identify any overlaps with other regulations, such as ECE for Europe, which is partly similar to ADR, to maximize the efficiency of your homologation plans. We also ensure that you stay up to date with evolving regulatory requirements so that you can achieve multiple certifications within one project.

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