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Radiation Safety Training

Ensure your safety and that of those with whom you work

Radiography testing uses a radiation source, usually either X-rays or Gamma-rays, to identify variations in material thicknesses and densities that may represent cracks, flaws or discontinuities. Because of potential safety concerns regarding exposure to radiation, technicians who use radiography in nondestructive testing may be required in certain states and jurisdictions to have a thorough understanding of the potential hazards and safety practices regarding the use of radiography equipment.

This requirement is typically met by the documented completion of a 40-hour radiation safety course. In some cases, an examination administered by an independent third-party is also required to verify that the technician has acquired the requisite knowledge to safely use equipment that emits radiation.

TÜV SÜD America, Chemical, Oil and Gas regularly conducts its own Radiation Safety training program for technicians and other industry professionals who perform nondestructive testing utilizing radiation as an imaging mechanism.

Our Radiation Safety training program covers:

  • The science of radiation
  • The biological effects of radiation exposure
  • Measuring radiation exposure levels
  • Regulations applicable to the use of radiation-based inspection equipment
  • Implementing a radiation safety program

Our Radiation Safety training program is designed to meet the requirements for 40 hours of radiation safety training as mandated in many jurisdictions. A certificate is awarded to program participants as evidence of their successful completion of the program.

TÜV SÜD’s Radiation Safety training program is conducted by experienced radiography technicians with in-depth knowledge of the safe use of radiation. Training is conducted throughout the year in Houston, TX and at other locations. In-house training for groups of 10 or more is also available.

For further information about TÜV SÜD’s Radiation Safety training program, contact us.


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