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Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Optimize the detection of defects with reduced inspection time

What is phased array ultrasonic testing?

Phased array ultrasonic testing (or PAUT) electronically modifies the acoustic probe characteristics of conventional transducers. PA testing units use multiple elements in a single housing, excited at specific intervals, to generate uniform wave fronts at specific angles. Electronic images are then created from the received ultrasonic energy, allowing for the identification of defects and their location.

Phased array ultrasonic testing is typically conducted in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13588, “Non-destructive testing of welds—Ultrasonic testing—Use of automated phased array technology.” As with most advanced nondestructive testing techniques, extensive experience in the use of phased array ultrasonic testing is generally required to accurately interpret the data produced through testing.

What are the advantages of phased array ultrasonic testing?

PA ultrasonic inspection offers high speed electronic scanning without moving parts, and can inspect multiple angles using a single, electronically-controlled probe. Data can be collected in either manual or encoded modes. Most ultrasonic techniques for flaw detection can be applied using PA probes.

However, environmental temperature can impose limitations on the use of PA ultrasonic inspection, due to the sensitivity of the small electronic components and transducer elements used. Other limitations on the use of PA ultrasonic technology include the size of the transducer footprint, and low amplitude responses from energy diffusing or scattering reflectors, such as material porosity.

Why use TÜV SÜD for your phased array ultrasonic testing requirements?

TÜV SÜD Chemical Oil and Gas is a leading provider of advanced nondestructive testing services, including phased array ultrasonic testing. TÜV SÜD personnel have extensive training and experience in the use of phased array ultrasonic testing in a wide range of industrial environments and consistent with the requirements of ISO 13588. In addition, our inspectors are certified to the Level II and Level III requirements of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).


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