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Tank Calibration Services

Accurate volume calculations can improve operational profitability

What is tank calibration?

Large storage tanks typically vary in capacity from their original specifications. These variations are sometimes the result of changes made during the construction process, but can also occur due to prolonged environmental exposure and the extreme stresses experienced during normal use. Tank calibration is the process of collecting tank measurements and calculating accurate tank capacity based on these measurements. Also known as “tank strapping,” tank calibration results in the creation of a unique capacity table for each tank that allows an operator to precisely determine the volume of product available based on its level within the tank.

Tank calibration should be performed when a new tank is placed into service, as well as every 15 years. In addition, tank measurements should be retaken after any major modifications or repairs that require the tank to be taken out of service. In addition, tank capacity tables should be reviewed and updated as necessary following tank calibration activities.

What are the advantages of tank calibration?

In a time of widely fluctuating commodity prices, accurate information regarding product inventory is essential in pricing and managing costs. A seemingly minor deviation in tank capacity can have a significant financial impact on tank operators, suppliers and customers alike. Periodic tank calibration is an effective tool in managing inventory and product costs, and can contribute to profitable storage activities, especially in high volume operations.

Why use TÜV SÜD for your tank calibration needs?

TÜV SÜD provides a comprehensive tank inspection and calibration service offering that combines all required inspection and measurement activities in a single mobilization. This approach saves tank operators time and money while ensuring the safety of their tanks. Our tank inspectors are trained in tank strapping methodology, and our strapping tables are compiled using software developed in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications.


Fire Safety Scan Service

Fire Safety Scan Service

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