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Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

Consistent and accurate testing data for cracking and corrosion

What is automated ultrasonic testing?

Automated ultrasonic testing (or AUT) is the automated robotic deployment of conventional or advanced ultrasonics to produce consistently articulated and encoded data. AUT applications include weld and cladding inspection, corrosion mapping, and inspection for hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) and stress-oriented HIC (SOHIC).

What are the advantages of automated ultrasonic testing?

AUT-based inspections offer consistently incremented and repeatable scanning, and increased speed and accuracy of inspection. These advantages enhance post-collection data analysis, including fitness for service calculations. AUT is also capable of calibration verification.

The limitations of AUT inspection largely reflect the way in which AUT equipment operates. For example, AUT systems typically use magnetic wheels to secure them to equipment under test, so surfaces must be clear of loose debris. In cases where non-ferromagnetic materials are being evaluated, tracks of some sort much be attached to the material to hold the AUT in place. Finally, AUT systems typically require power to operate the electronics and motor controllers, although smaller AUT systems may be operated with battery power.

Why use TÜV SÜD America for your automated ultrasonic testing requirements?

TÜV SÜD America, Chemical Oil and Gas is a leading provider of advanced nondestructive testing services, including a number of different automated ultrasonic testing techniques such as phased array (PA) ultrasonic testing and time-of-flight diffraction (ToFD) ultrasonic testing. TÜV SÜD inspectors are certified to the Level II and Level III requirements of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), and have extensive training and experience in the use of automated ultrasonic techniques in a wide range of industrial environments.

Your benefits at a glance

TÜV SÜD ultrasonic testing provides many benefits, including:

  • Benefit from working with a single source supplier
  • Save time and money
  • Gain customer confidence
  • Stay ahead of technical developments


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