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Employee Spotlight: Uwe Meyer


uwe meyer

regional operations manager at TÜV SÜD America

#FutureInYourHands – This motto properly describes how TÜV SÜD empowers its employees. It’s best to hear from TÜV SÜD executives and staff members what their personal experiences are working for TÜV SÜD.

Can you describe your role within the company?
I am the Regional Operations Manager for the West Coast. This position was created less than a year ago as part of a regional restructuring of Service Lines. I am one of 6 Regional Operations Managers on board handling Service Line responsibilities on the West Coast. There is a very clear line differentiating Service Line from the Business Lines. While a Business Line determines where we do business and how we create orders, the Service Line is managed by the Regional Operations Managers, who are responsible for transforming incoming orders into revenue. We make sure there is a profitable and proficient structure in place in the Service Line to conduct testing and certification.

How did you choose this career path?
I started as an engineer and had a strong interest in applying compliance regulatory standards. I developed into a Technical Manager role, where I maintained various interests; I liked the idea of contributing to standard writing that ensures products are tested in compliance, and I also enjoyed providing training and mentoring to young engineers. Developing a sound knowledge about different standards and requirements has helped me to not only confidently understand, but also provide accurate background information. I was in my previous role for 15 years, working as a Business Field Manager under other, so I’ve transferred a lot of important lessons I learned there into my current role. 

What do you enjoy most about your job and working at TÜV SÜD?
I enjoy the amount of learning I’ve had to do. As I mentioned, my position was created relatively recently, and I joined TÜV SÜD in February, so I have been learning a lot as I adjust and familiarize myself with my role. I think we have great employees and staff members here, who are all very eager and dedicated to their jobs. When I first started, everyone was very accommodating to me and helped make my transition into this role easy. Joining this company has been full of great opportunities so far, and I am looking forward to the learning experiences ahead.

How has your international experience benefited your current role?
It has been a very important part of my journey and career. After receiving my degree, I worked in the aircraft industry in Germany for 7 years. This position allowed me to do some traveling around Europe and the United States. Working internationally, I was exposed to different cultures and learning things from new perspectives. I eventually took an opportunity to live in Taiwan, where I stayed for about 3 years. Over the course of those 3 years, I was entirely immersed in a new culture and lifestyle, which gave me a unique perspective into different aspects of life. When my son was born, I made the move to Southern California and San Diego has been my home for the past 21 years. I feel very grateful for the opportunities I have gotten and the experiences I have made. I strongly believe I have developed many valuable attributes as a result of my travels.

Are there challenges you've faced in your career that have taught you important lessons?
There was a point in my career where I was taking over management roles. During this time, I experienced challenges with communication styles because the more exposed you become to management and leadership roles, the more you need to be able to communicate with people at varying levels. I also faced challenges with department heads and having to assume higher-up roles and meet heightened expectations. Now, I think of myself as a successful manager and I use my experience as a way to teach others. I am also able to provide proper guidance because of the knowledge and skills I have developed and learned over the course of my career.

What do you think the industry will look like 20 years from now?
That’s a tough question. I think maintaining proper inventory on a daily basis is very important to continue. Also, keeping track of the details as to what is happening within the company at any given time is something that should always be done. Twenty years ago was a much different time as compared to today; I don’t think we really understood the impact that the internet would have back then. Everything has transformed so much, so it is hard to truly say what we will see 20 years from now. Although, I believe we will see a transition to more services being available online. Whether it relates to shopping, medical, or IT, I think it’s important that we recognize the shift that is taking place and adopt to new changes and technologies.

When not working, how do you spend your spare time?
I do little projects on my house and vehicles. I would say I am an engineer by heart, so I have been making almost all the adjustments and remodels to my home. I have a 21-year-old son involved in the motorcycle industry, who looks to me for guidance during technical challenges. If I’m not working on building something, I enjoy playing soccer or spending some time in the desert, if it’s not too hot.

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