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Ensure your building is green with LEED certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED is the most internationally recognized sustainable building certification, and ensuring your business adheres to these certification requirements means that your buildings are dynamic, clean and cost-effective.

TÜV SÜD ensures that your business complies with the numerous LEED certification conditions and help your buildings become LEED certified.


LEED uses a 100-point scale for rating and awards credits based on potential environmental impacts. Compliance with the LEED rating system for targeting the LEED BD+C: New Construction scheme requires objective evidence that specific requirements have been met in the following areas of site sustainability:

  • Location & transportation
  • Sustainable sites
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy & atmosphere
  • Material & resources
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Innovation
  • Regional priority

TÜV SÜD provides an independent and integrated suite of services that will guide stakeholders in accumulating credit points under the above-specified categories.


Establishing your buildings as being LEED certified and sustainable not only means that you save on huge operational costs, it also means your business could be eligible for an increasing number of green government subsidies. Beyond this, LEED certification also helps you identify and reduce potential risk factors for your company and makes your assets significantly more attractive. Further benefits of obtaining building certification include:

  • Ensure that your project is ready for certification at the design stage by working with our expert advisors who are familiar with all aspects of green building
  • Benefit from our impartiality to objectively evaluate all relevant structural and technical considerations
  • Ensure a high level of acceptance of your project due to our proven track record of independence and engineering excellence


TÜV SÜD has a global network of experts who facilitate the entire green building certification process. We will help define your sustainability objectives and assess the feasibility of certification for your building, new or old. Our experts work alongside your team to explore alternative means of meeting the objectives of the building owners, budget constraints and certification requirements.

Our LEED certification services include:

  • Design advisory
    TÜV SÜD can provide you with the following complete design advisory solutions:

    • Feasibility studies to assess likelihood of achieving LEED certification
    • Formulate an action plan to becoming LEED compliant
    • Design reviews of mechanical and electrical systems according to LEED requirements
    • Energy modelling and simulation
    • Site visits and periodic reviews throughout the project duration
  • Green building facilitation
    During the process, we track and report the team’s progress, oversee the coordination of documentation preparation and manage the coordination of LEED credit interpretation requests.

    Upon completion of the project, we assist in preparing the full LEED documentation package for submission to the relevant Certification Body.
  • Training
    TÜV SÜD trains building facilities teams to maintain their building systems efficiently.

    Together, these green services not only provide a holistic approach to helping building owners optimize their investments but also ensures architects, factory owners and builders use eco-friendly designs effectively, ensuring that building occupants and factory workers enjoy a better indoor experience that has a minimal environmental impact.


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