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Navigating through business uncertainties: Business Continuity Plan (BCP) E-learning Course

Learn how you can implement BCP amidst uncertainties in accordance with ISO 22301:2019


Today, a comprehensive approach to Business Continuity Planning is essential in ensuring your organisation can continue to operate amidst uncertainties such as COVID-19. With an effective BCP in place, your organisation can minimise disruptions to your operations and ensure that business remains viable in such times.

Navigating through business uncertainties: Business Continuity Plan (BCP) E-Learning Course.

Conceptualised for today's busy professionals, this course is developed to provide guidance to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on recommendations for BCP, adapted from the ISO 22301:2019 Security and resilience - Business continuity management systems - Requirements (also known as BCM). 

Get up to speed on the essential requirements of a BCP, and what factors you should consider when implementing a BCP. With this course, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the topic — all at the convenience of self-paced learning and with the same meticulous standards applied in a classroom set-up.

Duration of the training: 45 minutes
Login access duration: 30 days
Learning mode: Self-Paced
Language: English


Find out what your organisation should pay attention to minimise disruption to your operations and ensure that business remains viable.

Topics in this course include:

  1. Introduction to course and Awareness to BCP
  2. How can I use BCP to aid my organisation through this period?
  3. What if I do not have any BCP in place?
  4. What are the basic processes to put in place and pay more attention to?
  5. How do I know if I have sufficiently planned and implemented my BCP?
  6. How do I plan for my business recovery during de-escalation?
  7. How can SMEs stay safe and react well to the situation?
  8. What if someone in my company gets infected with COVID-19 or was in close contact with one?


The course employs a variety of training tools such as digital learning, tests, and other interactive exercises to enhance delivery of theoretical knowledge. Easily accessible via your laptop, tablet and mobile phone, the course gives you the opportunity to log in and learn whenever, wherever.

The cumulative duration of the programme is 45 minutes, after which you will be required to pass a quiz to receive your internationally recognised e-certificate with a unique ID. 



This course is specially designed for Small and medium enterprises (SMEs):

  • Top management
  • Risk and Compliance Officer
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) coordinator
  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • QMR / Quality Management Representative
  • HR / Human Resources
  • Supplier and Customer Management
  • Facility Management 
  • Business Continuity Planning / BCP


Designing the course content and structure are domain experts from TÜV SÜD’s Digital Academy Approval Board.

Based in various locations worldwide, these are specialised trainers who have been working with top-notch employers and industry associations to demonstrate real-world business continuity strategies. The global reach of our experts ensures that you get access to relevant learning modules and best practices in BCM.

    • World-Class Training
      Learn from TÜV SÜD’s industry experts and training specialists
    • Flexible Learning Style
      Study in your own time, at your own pace
    • Continuous Feedback
      Get prompt feedback from content-embedded assessment
    • Competency-Based Learning
      Show your course progress based on demonstrated learning
    • Professional Certification
      Get a globally recognised certificate and enhance your career development
  • FAQs
    1. How do I enroll for the course?
      To enroll, simply fill out the forms on the webpage accordingly.
    2. What is included with the course?
      You get access to our e-learning content along with the assessments that will help you understand the topics in depth. In the event of any technical difficulties, you can contact us for support.
    3. Can I pause the course and log in to it anytime?
      Yes. The course allows you to take a break and return to it within the defined access period.
    4. Are there any tests in the middle of the course?
      Yes, there are interactive quizzes throughout the course to gauge your understanding of the lectures.
    5. Can I get a refund if I cancel my enrolment?
      No, refund is not possible once the account is activated.
    6. What happens if I don't finish the course within the access period?
      Access period may be adjusted for B2B customers depending on what was agreed in the contract. For B2C customers, access runs only for 30 days.
    7. I have difficulty accessing the course. Whom should I contact?
      To contact someone from TÜV SÜD, you may email us at [email protected] or call +65 6885 1667.
    8. Who developed the course and what are their qualifications?
      The course is developed by TÜV SÜD’s Digital Academy Approval Board. The experts undergo relevant upskilling programmes, benefitting from TÜV SÜD’s 150 years of expertise and global heritage.
    9. Whom do I contact if I want more in-depth course materials?
      To contact someone from TÜV SÜD, you may email us at [email protected] or call +65 6885 1667.

    To know more about TÜV SÜD, please click here.

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