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Certification mark for Playground equipment Z2_008

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

Certification mark for playground equipment Z2_008



This certification mark applies to stationary playground equipment and surfacing for public playgrounds and playgrounds at kindergartens, schools and similar facilities. Excluded from the scope are adventure playgrounds. The playground equipment, including slides, swings, roundabouts and climbing equipment, can be used by one or more children.

Basis of certification:

The certification mark is based on the EN 1176 standard. This standard defines the safety-related requirements for playground equipment, i.e. the criteria that must be fulfilled by playground equipment to protect children from dangers.

Keywords of the certification mark:

  • Intelligent Speech Interaction

    Based on product functions, verified the requirement of speech wakeup rate, false wakeup rate, speech recognition accuracy rate, response accuracy rate, response time and so on defined in GB/T 36464.2 Information technology - Intelligent speech interaction system - Part 2: Intelligent home appliances.

  • High Sound Quality

    Meet Class A requirement of frequency response, amplitude difference, THD, noise defined in GB/T 14277-2013 General specification for audio combination equipment, and SNR requirement defined in SJ/T 11540-2015 General specification for active speakers.

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