Vendor Assessment


Verify the reliability of supplier

Verify the reliability of supplier

WHAT IS Vendor Assessment / Vendor Evaluation Audit?

Vendor assessment is an independent systematic audit of key departments in a vendor or manufacturer work to assess the effectiveness of its management system and manufacturing processes, and how it transforms into quality and reliability of product delivery.

WHY IS Vendor Assessment / Vendor Evaluation Audit IMPORTANT?

Advanced manufacturing practices and modern construction techniques emphasise the importance of outsourcing of products and services. Effective supply chain is vital for compliance to internationally recognised quality standards and to meet the deadline of projects.

Vendor assessment is an effective tool to independently verify the capacity and capability of a supplier to meet project specifications and deadline before the awarding of contract. It could also be a continuous evaluation process during manufacturing and supply of first consignment to the buyer as per specifications.

TÜV SÜD HELPS TO IDENTIFY RISK and evaluate opportunities for improvement at vendor works befORE award of contract

TÜV SÜD operates in more than 1000 locations worldwide. It has multidisciplinary experts spread across various countries with wide experience complemented with local language for communication. This attribute allows TÜV SÜD to deliver unbiased vendor assessment.

WHAT DO Vendor Assessment / Vendor Evaluation Audit INVOLVE?

With our expertise in local and international legislation, TÜV SÜD provides independent and impartial assessment of vendor against established procedures and systems. Vendor assessment services evaluate technical and commercial capability, and sustainability of a manufacturer to continuously demonstrate industry best practices and meet the delivery conditions of the buyer. Our holistic approach can have beneficial effects on the supply chain. Vendor assessment services involve the following:

  • Pre-award audit

  • Post award audit
  • Supplier surveillance checks

In addition, we determine the value and future viability of supplier, his equipments, plant technology and production processes to meet sustainability in supply chain.


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