Application process

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

1) Enquiry 

Companies interested in participating in any of TÜV SÜD PSB Schemes can call us at +65 6778 7777 or email us to receive our brochure and the application procedures.

2) Application Form

The registration form provides relevant information from which we can evaluate the nature and scope of the company's certification. The completed registration from can be emailed to the respective office-in-charge or mailed to our business address at 15 International Business Park, TÜV SÜD @ IBP, Singapore 609937.

3) Quotation

Based on the information provided on the registration form a competitively priced quote will be offered for your consideration. Applicant will be contacted regarding the scope of certification and locations, etc.

4) AUDIT & Reservation

On receipt of the acceptance letter and payment for certification, mutually agreed dates for the assessments will be arranged.

5) Stage 1 AUDIT

Offsite Audit 
It is a desktop review of your manual, procedures and its relevant documents. As such, the documents should be submitted to us usually 4 weeks prior to the preliminary audit / certification audit.

Onsite Audit 
This is carried out to audit the implementation of the relevant management system and supporting programmes. It checks the readiness of the company for certification.

6) Stage 2 AUDIT

This is a certification audit conducted in accordance with the relevant standard. It is usually carried out within 4 weeks after the stage 1 audit.

7) Approval

On successful completion of the certification audit and corrective actions, the certificate of award will be issued thereafter.


The certificate is valid for 3 years subject to satisfactory maintenance of the management system. Your management system will be monitored usually on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to meet the requirements of the relevant standard.


The third year of audit will serve as a renewal audit and the certificate will be renewed for another 3-year term upon satisfactory audit.

10) Changes to Certification

During the validity of certification, for e.g. any change to scope(s) of certification, change of business address etc. if required, will be based on the audit conclusions as agreed and reflected accordingly in the issued certification and attachment documents.

"The management understands the importance of impartiality in our certification of products and management systems. We will use all reasonable efforts to manage all possible conflicts of interest and ensure objectivity of our certification services".

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