Electrical Safety Certification for electrical components

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: IEC 61010-1 (Ed 3.1) Updates

IEC 61010-1 specifies general safety requirements for the following types of electrical equipment and their accessories, wherever they are intended to be used.

a) Electrical test and measurement equipment
b) Electrical industrial process-control equipment
c) Electrical laboratory equipment

Any product that falls under the scope mentioned above are required to be tested to this applicable standard, before obtaining an accredited test report to the regulatory bodies.

As of 2022, IEC 61010-1 Ed 3.0 is superseded by its Amendment 1 version, IEC 61010-1 Ed 3.1. This webinar will provide an overview of all the amendment in this standard, and also enable you to consider any gap testing or design changes required to your previously tested IEC 61010-1 equipment for the compliance of the latest conformity. As many requirements remain unaffected, limited testing would still be needed for the standard conformity upgrade. Find out what are the notable changes are.


our webinar will tackle these points, focusing on:

  • The gaps and comparison between Ed 3.0 and Ed 3.1
  • Product readiness to be submitted for standard upgrade
  • Identifying design improvement to better meet current and future safety standard
  • Q & A Session


Key takeaways of the webinar 

  • Find out what are the gaps and comparison between Ed 3.0 and Ed 3.1
  • Understand the product readiness to be submitted for standard upgrade
  • Identifying the gaps or design changes required for compliance to the latest conformity 


Hear from our expert 

Mr. Yeoh Wei Yee
Executive Engineer

Wei Yee has 5 years of experience working in TÜV SÜD as an engineer for various electrical safety IEC standards for ITAV, measurement and medical devices and is a Technical Certifier for NRTL Mark for these categories. He is a Member of Committee of Testing Laboratories Expert Task Force 03 for MED and MEAS categories under the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) and SAC-SINGLAS accredited persons for IEC 60950-1, IEC 62368-1, IEC 60601 and IEC 61010 safety standards. Wei Yee is also a Certified FSCP Functional Safety Engineer under the IEC 61508 standard.

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