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A prawn's journey from farm to fork

A prawn's journey from farm to fork

Fast, Fresh & Clean

"Traceability across the food chain is more complex than in any other industry, due to the large number of environmental pollutants that may compromise food safety anywhere along the food chain, as well as the time sensitive nature of fresh produce."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Infographic: A prawn's journey from farm to fork

Today’s consumer is much more aware of food safety and quality issues due to the global spread of scandals via social media, from expired frozen meat to contaminated milk, chocolates with worms to shrimps with traces of antibiotics. The increased number of links in the global food supply chain introduces risks that didn’t exist when production and consumption were more localised. A holistic end-to-end approach involving producers, distributors, retailers and handlers is needed to inspire trust.

The infographic below illustrates the food safety measures taken throughout the prawn's journey from its source in a farm to its end consumers.

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Infographic on a prawn's journey from farm to fork

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