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Product Listing Scheme

Independent certification of products for added assurance

With the increasing scrutiny for safety and quality in products, many consumers today choose independently certified products for added assurance. Manufacturers and traders can provide such assurance by ensuring their products are certified by a reputable certification body.

As an internationally recognised testing and certification body, TÜV SÜD can help manufacturers and traders gain access to both local and global markets, by ensuring that products meet international standards and conformity requirements.

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Product Listing Scheme

This scheme entails safety and performance testing of products in accordance to the national and international standards. TÜV SÜD will issue the Certificate of Conformity and PSB Tick Mark once products tested meet the required standards.

For SCDF-regulated products, the product requirements are specified in the list of products under Class 1A and 1B. Follow-up surveillance is an essential part of the certification.

All suppliers and manufacturers capable of manufacturing products which conform to relevant standards may apply for the PLS. The applicant must comply with the procedures stipulated under the Terms and Conditions.

All PLS listed products can be found in the PLS Directory. To find out the certification status of a known COC number not found in the PLS directory, please send us your enquiry. The download links for our forms and label specifications are as below.

In accordance to regulators’ or major buyers’ requirements, there are three classifications of listing in the PLS:

Class 1A (ISO Certification Type 5) – With Factory and Product Surveillance 

Products listed under Class 1A in the PLS are entitled to be labelled with “PSB Listed” Labels. Depending on the type of product, these labels are either printed by the applicant or issued by TÜV SÜD according to production volume of the product declared by the applicant. Products listed in Class 1A are subject to factory and product surveillance.

Class 1B (ISO Certification Type 1b) – With Batch Inspection

Products listed under Class 1B in the PLS are entitled to be labelled with “PSB Listed” labels. These labels are issued by TÜV SÜD according to the size of the batch and upon condition that the batch has passed the batch testing/inspection to be conducted by TÜV SÜD.

Class 1C (ISO Certification Type 5) – With Factory Surveillance 

Products listed under Class 1C in the PLS are entitled to be labelled with “PSB Listed” Labels. These labels are printed by the applicant. Products listed under Class 1C are subject to factory inspection four times a year and whenever applicable, the inspection to cover each certified product at a minimum once every 2 years. If no safety concerns is identified, it is possible to reduce the frequency of on-site surveillances to two times per year.

Class 2 (ISO Certification Type 2) – With Market Surveillance

Products listed under Class 2 in the PLS are not entitled to be labelled with “PSB Listed” labels. However, there will be product review/market surveillance.

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PLS Class 1A

PLS Class 1B

PLS Class 1C

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