8 Tips to Stay Cyber-Safe while Working from Home
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8 Tips to Stay Cyber-Safe while Working from Home

8 Tips to Stay Cyber-Safe while Working from Home

#1 Do not ignore security updates. Stay safe and current by setting up automatic updates and patches for software and operating systems.

#2 Follow a Remote Work Policy. Find out if your company or client has a Remote Work Policy – and follow it.

#3 Avoid risky apps. Reduce the attack potential of your network and devices, and remove any applications and services if they are not needed. Do not download apps indiscriminately.

#4 Secure networks. Set user permissions on all devices allowing access only to those who need to use the network. Protect networks with passphrases, and change all default passwords on devices and smart appliances in the house that are connected to the network. Do not write passphrases down for others to see (on a sticky note, for example), or share them with anyone.

#5 Never use any random or found USB drives. Plugging in an unknown USB drive could introduce malware to your device.

#6 Learn to avoid phishing scams. Pause before you click on links in email, messages, or on social media sites. Preview unrecognised or suspicious links by hovering over them (do not go any further if there are misspelling or other irregularities, or if the link does not match the text). Treat messages with generic greetings and attachments with suspicion. Verify messages by phone or in person if necessary.

#7 Think before connecting to public Wi-Fi. When out of ‘the office’, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) if possible, and avoid doing work with sensitive information or making any financial transactions. You could potentially bring the malware home.

#8 Take precautions during downtime. Do not over share on social media. Hackers can use personal details shared online to commit fraud.

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