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A personal protective equipment (PPE) test ensures different types of PPE for a safe, secure and can protect the wearer as intended. PPE includes clothing and other articles intended to protect the wearer from injury or other health-related risks. Conducting a PPE test is a legal obligation in many  jurisdictions, and it also helps R&D teams discover faults early.

The testing required of PPE is as varied as an equipment’s intended use and the potential risk to the user. Some specific types of testing include:

  • Biological resistance testing – including penetration testing, as well as antimicrobial and antibacterial testing
  • Chemical resistance testing – including chemical penetration and permeation testing
  • Protective ensemble testing – such as testing for chemical, vapor or liquid splash resistance of full body protection systems and clothing ensembles
  • Impact protection testing – for sports helmets and occupational headwear, as well as body protection equipment
  • Protective hand and footwear testing – for gloves and shoes used in hazardous work environments
  • Fall arrest equipment testing – for positioning belts and body harnesses used in construction and maintenance

Our labs are accredited to the requirements of ISO 17025 by the Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS)

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