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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Audit and Certification

Accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC)

Accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC)


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety, which addresses physical, chemical, and biological hazards rather than finished product inspection.

HACCP is used in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards, so that key actions, known as Critical Control Points (CCPs) can be created to reduce or eliminate the risks. With its increasing adoption worldwide, HACCP helps food and beverage industry to put in place, an effective integrated food safety management system, which drives growth in productivity, safety and traceability.


  • Minimise risk with objective recommendations from an impartial third-party certification body

  • Ensure the safety and security of your processes with our team of highly skilled experts who can deliver you in-depth knowledge of HACCP certification

  • Enhance your reputation among your customers, employees, stockholders and competitors by demonstrating your commitment to food safety with HACCP compliance

  • Implement HACCP along with quality management systems


TÜV SÜD has vast experience in food safety methodology and its applications. We can help companies implement HACCP system and carry out HACCP audits, regardless of their role in the food supply chain, location, or products.

TÜV SÜD can then help to set up control limits at critical points during the food production process to build an effective food safety management system for clients.

  • Why Choose TÜV SÜD?

    TÜV SÜD offers a plethora of advantages for organisations seeking to implement HACCP to achieve HACCP certification in Singapore, including:

    • With in-depth experience in food testing, inspection, auditing and certification, TÜV SÜD is globally recognised as a trusted brand throughout the food industry value chain.
    • TÜV SÜD has more than 15 years’ experience in feed and food safety management system certification, and was one of the first certification bodies acting in this field. 
    • TÜV SÜD’s global network of auditors provides the assurance that a formalised and structured approach to attaining certification is applied without bias, ensuring that audit approaches are consistent, regardless of the product or country of production.
    • We ensure that we deliver a reliable, independent and trusted service along with 100% transparency.
    • By choosing us, you are joining the community of organisations across the globe who have made TÜV SÜD their certification partner.
    • Our expertise, technical knowledge and the standard of our services have helped us deliver certifications to organisations around the world.
    • We can also act as a one-stop provider for all your management system certification needs by offering integrated management system services.
    • In addition to offering comprehensive evaluations and reports, we can provide you with our TÜV SÜD certification mark, which is globally recognised and synonymous with quality and safety.

The HACCP management system certification is covered under the Sustainability-as-a-Service (SaaS) Programme, with 70% of qualified costs supported by Enterprise Singapore, as part of the Enterprise Sustainability Programme.

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