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Training & Personal Certification


Functional safety is the part of the safety of system or piece of equipment related to the EUC and EUC control system that depends on the correct functioning of the E/E/PE safety-related systems and other risk reduction measures.

The concept of functional safety applies to everyday life and every industry. It is most fundamental for safety related systems. The oil and gas industry, nuclear plants, manufacturing sector, transportations & automotive, medical devices all rely heavily on the concepts of functional safety to ensure the work environment is a place free of hazards.

Electrical, electronic or programmable electronic systems (E/E/PE) carry out a multitude of safety functions. The challenge is to design safety-systems in such a way as to prevent dangerous failures or to control them when they arise. These systems are usually complex, making it impossible in practice to fully determine every potential failure, but testing is nevertheless essential to rule out as many as possible. The participants require having in depth and cross functional knowledge to deal with Functional safety requirements.


ISO 26262 Live Virtual Training Course

Based on our long-standing practical experience in the field of Functional Safety we supply you with the necessary expertise for the updated ISO 26262 2nd Edition. Safety is one of the key issues in the development and now valid for all road vehicles like Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles and Automobiles. The sector specific needs of electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems within road vehicles is explained in this standard. Our training modules are based on the practical use of this standard in your daily business to avoid increasing risk from systematic and random hardware failures.

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IEC 61508 Training Course

The training program is based on the first three parts of IEC 61508. Case studies and practical examples are used to demonstrate the procedures for dealing with individual topics and explain the work results and documents which must be delivered. Key processes from the safety life cycle are introduced, and the tasks and responsibilities associated with them are explained.

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IEC 61508 Live Virtual Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to IEC 61508 condensed into 4 hours. Based on our experience in Functional Safety and membership on the relevant standard bodies, we provide you with the necessary expertise in the cross-industry standard IEC 61508 2nd Edition.

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