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AS 9100:2016 Automotive Quality Management System

Auditing & System Certification | Training & Personal Certification

Auditing & System Certification | Training & Personal Certification


Maintaining high safety levels is the foremost challenge within the aviation, space and defence (ASD) industry. Companies across the entire ASD supply chain is expected to demonstrate its commitment to high quality, safety, and reliability of parts, systems and services. 

AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management System provides internationally-recognised frameworks for best practices and address the unique needs of manufactures, maintenance and repair operations and distributors. These standards were developed to produce a harmonized platform to ensure that all operations in the supply chain are adhering to best practice. They include all the existing elements of ISO 9001 and a variety of aerospace sector-specific requirements.

To support you in demonstrating your commitment to quality and reliability, TÜV SÜD offers a wide range of AS 9100 certifications, instructor-led and live virtual training courses.



AS 9100:2016 Aerospace Quality Management System Rev. D Awareness Live Virtual Training

Through this AS 9100 awareness training, learners will gain an understanding on the requirements of the AS 9100:2016 Rev D standard, the key changes from AS 9100 Rev. C to Rev. D and how to implement the standard.a

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AS 9100:2016 Aerospace Quality Management System Rev. D Internal Auditor Live Virtual Training

The internal auditor training is imparted in-line with the AS 9100 standards giving some references to the allied standards viz., AS 9104 / AS 9101D / ISO 19011 for understanding. At the end of the course, you will understand how to audit using the process approach against the ISO 19011 Audit standard, AS 9120 and AS 9110 (with knowledge of MRO requirements).

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AS 9100:2016 Aerospace Quality Management System

The adoption of the AS 9100 QMS allows an organisation to commit to a long-term goal. To achieve it, the decision-makers of the company will have several considerations, including the strategy and direction the company will take, the measures to identify and minimise risks, and compliance to the standard. Beyond gaining a competitive advantage and global recognition, certified suppliers achieve a significant improvement in quality and safety while reducing cost throughout the value stream. 

Certified clients will be registered in the IAQG/OASIS database, raising their marketability in the ASD industry.

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