Additive Manufacturing Materials and Product Testing

Instill confidence and trust in your additive manufacturing materials

Instill confidence and trust in your additive manufacturing materials

Additive manufacturing (AM) material manufacturers face high competition and have strict customer requirements for material quality as it is a relatively new manufacturing processes. Testing provides a way to verification of the quality of printed products. A wide variety of materials like alloys, polyamides, epoxy resins, ABS and ceramics are used in the additive manufacturing process. The quality of the printed product depends on the feedstock quality and also the interaction of many other aspects, such as process and hardware. Therefore, it is important to test the properties of the feedstock material as well as the properties of the final part. At TÜV SÜD, we provide test plans and product testing to ensure specifications are met. 



TÜV SÜD validate the quality of AM / 3D printed products by testing their materials and properties based on related ISO and AST standard. We have a network of laboratories and specialised in-house additive manufacturing expert team to support feedstock material suppliers and manufacturers



  • Latest testing requirements – We regularly review upcoming and newly release standards relevant to AM to provide the most up to date test plans.
  • Analysis of testing required – We provide analysis based on requirements and specification for the testing required. Examples of analysis include testing batches of recycled powders if they still retain the properties comparable to virgin powders, and testing if machine has no cross contamination when changing feedstock material. 
  • We provide different services to test material feedstock and product properties such as:
    • Mechanical testing
      We test for parameters such as tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength and hardness.
    • Corrosion testing
      We test for resistance to intergranular corrosion, pitting corrosion and for intermetallic phases.
    • Thermal analysis
      Our analysis studies the materials’ melt viscosity, melting and crystallization temperature, decomposition temperature and heat deflection temperature.
    • Physical properties testing
      We test the geometry of filaments, flowability of the powder, particle size distribution, particle shape, density, cavities and inclusions of particles, and viscosity of resins.
    • Chemical properties testing
      Testing covers elemental analysis such as material composition and residual monomer content.
    • Lifetime estimation
      We conduct creep and stress rupture testing as well as Xenon, Ozon and UV ageing.
    • Structural analysis
      Our analysis includes tests such as scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy, and porosity analysis.
    • Hazardous material testing
      We test for hazardous materials and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). Through this, we allow for easy market access.



  • Achieve consistent material and product quality and reproducibility – with TÜV SÜD’s rigorous test programs.
  • Gain customers’ confidence in your products – with material and product quality assurance through an independent third party.
  • Minimise business risks with the help of expert guidance – which help address unforeseen challenges that may arise from new materials and technologies.

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We are able to provide analysis based on requirements and specification for the testing required for your AM/3D printing materials and printed products.

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