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Manufacturing of air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Enable smooth market entry

Ensure compliance and transparent communication for a succesSful market launch

Manufacturers of air-conditioning and ventilation systems must navigate many challenges from development to placement intoservice of their products.

air-conditioning and ventilation systems

First, there are numerous legal requirements in fields such as safety and environmental compatibility. But that is not all. A successful market launch also requires transparent communication of the performance data of air-conditioning and ventilation systems. What is the maximum sound level during operation? How efficient is the system and its components? What is the system’s hygienic design?

Are you facing one of these challenges in the manufacturing of your systems? Our experienced air-conditioning and ventilation experts help you to overcome any obstacles and provide you with optimum support during the design, improvement or market launch of your air-conditioning and ventilation products.


Before air-conditioning and ventilation systems for the domestic and commercial sectors can be launched, manufacturers need to know how their products perform in practice. Our Center of Competence (CoC) has several test rigs for determining the performance ratings of your systems and components. We offer the following tests and measurements:

  • Performance measurements (including domestic ventilation systems, fan coil units, heat-recovery systems, heat exchangers, residential ventilation units, air handling units (AHUs))
  • Measurements of air flow rate (e.g. fans, products with integrated fans)
  • Tests according to EU Ecodesign Directives 327/2011, 1253/2014 and 1254/2014
  • Tests for EUROVENT (certification body for products) e.g. fan coil units, residential ventilation units, AHUs, model boxes, run around coil systems, adiabatic cooling systems)
  • Determination of flow-resistance value or zeta value (e.g. air ducts or air-duct components, overflow openings, air inlets or outlets)
  • Determination of the mechanical characteristics of model boxes
  • Leak tests (e.g. air ducts, louvres and dampers)
  • Provision of various climate chambers or dual climate chambers at temperature ranges from -40°C to +50°C.

Inspection of air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Are you seeking to ensure that your company’s air-conditioning and ventilation components or systems comply with the applicable regulations and standards right from the manufacturing stage? Would you like assurance that your products are in conformity with all safety, energy-efficiency, hygienic and acoustic requirements? Our experienced team delivers the certainty you want:

  • Hygiene inspections of ventilation and air-conditioning components, units and systems
  • Testing of AHU selection software
  • Testing of selection software (e.g. heat recovery systems, fans)
  • Inspection of standardised airways for fans according to DIN EN ISO 5801
  • Inspections related to the FGK-QM-01 standard
  • Third-party inspection of ventilation units according to DIN 18017 and heat and smoke exhaust fans (third-party surveillance of production, product surveillance)
  • Witness audits

Certification of air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Do you wish to document clearly to the public that your air-conditioning and ventilation product complies with the applicable regulations and standards? Would you like to furnish visible evidence that your products are in conformity with all safety, energy-efficiency, hygienic and acoustic requirements? With a certificate from TÜV SÜD, you can communicate the advantages and characteristics of your products in a clear and easy-to-understand way.
We offer the following certification services:

  • Certification of performance data (DIN EN 13053, DIN EN 1886, DIN EN 308)
  • Certification of the tightness of air ducts and/or dampers (DIN EN 1751, DIN 1507, DIN EN 12237)
  • Certification of selection software for fans, heat recovery systems, air-handling units
  • Certification of test rigs for measurements on fans, heat exchangers, heat-recovery systems
  • Certification of cleaning services according to FGK-QM-01
  • Certification of hygiene-relevant characteristics of AHUs and their components (DIN 1946-4, VDI 6022-1, VDI 3803-1, ÖNORM H 6021, SWKI VA 105-01)
  • Certification of non-metal air duct systems according to TÜV SÜD test standard “TAK 01-2013”

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