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PhotoFairy: professional pictures of cars for sale

Create your digital car showroom and increase your sales

Create your digital car showroom and increase your sales

Pictures of cars for sale with PhotoFairy

With the vehicle photo app PhotoFairy, you can easily prepare a vehicle photo presentation with your vehicles for marketing. All photos are created directly in the TÜV SÜD PhotoFairy app, which you can download from the App Store for your iPhone/iPad (recommended from iPhone 8 onwards). If you are an Android user, you do not need to worry: the app will also be available for Android soon. You can use it to create all the photos that are include in your service package. You do not have to worry about anything, because you will be guided intuitively through the creation process.

What can you do with PhotoFairy?

The PhotoFairy app makes it easy for you to create your car sales photos and gives you various options to gain the best results. With Photofairy you can:

  • Optimise your photo contrast and exposure
  • Create a digital car showroom to present your vehicles within your corporate design or in an advertisement framework

We offer various PhotoFairy packages:

PhotoFairy Pure

  • Integration of your company logo or watermark

PhotoFairy Automatic

  • Neutral and customisable background motifs (Automatic, Premium)
  • Integration of your company logo or watermark

PhotoFairy Premium

  • Neutral and customisable background motifs (Automatic, Premium)
  • Original flooring can be retained, disruptive factors such as dirt or cracks are removed
  • Integration of your company logo or watermark
  • Placement of a marketing ident (company logo in the number plate)
  • Remove the background from the windows
  • Edit of the pictures within 24 hours

PhotoFairy 360°

  • Remove the background from the windows (360° Interior)

Our PhotoFairy service can be either provided as part of our used car management solutions package or as a stand-alone service.

Test PhotoFairy free of charge. Contact us today. 

Photofairy table of benefits

* with special camera from the ready-to-go case

Get professional car photos in 360° with PhotoFairy

PhotoFairy can create 360° exterior and interior vehicle photos to increase your sales prospects. In this way, cars can be experienced in a virtual showroom with high-resolution photos that can be interactively moved and zoomed by the customer.

We provide you with all the necessary hardware components in a solid hard case. This way, the valuable devices remain protected, and all the equipment is always available.

Advantages of the 360° external imaging

You can interactively prepare the vehicle from all angles with PhotoFairy 360° in exterior view. The PhotoFairy app offers a function that allows you to easily create your own high-quality 360° views, directly with your smartphone and without additional stabilisation.

The vehicle photo app automatically stabilises the shot and levels the subject so that the display appears smooth and professional. This way, no details on the vehicle remain hidden from your prospective buyer, and thanks to the integrated zoom function, every angle is perfectly visible even when enlarged.

  • Quick creation of the 360° photos directly with your smartphone
  • Low infrastructure expenditure – independent of location
  • High-resolution and interactively controllable photos of the vehicle from any angle 

Before and after picture of a car taken with the vehicle photo app PhotoFairy

Advantages of the 360° internal imaging

Photos of cars for sale can be possible in all perspectives with a special 360° camera optimally integrated in the PhotoFairy app. The result is an interactive view of the whole interior for your prospective buyer, reflecting a detailed representation of your used vehicle's features in all perspectives.   

  • High-resolution 360° photos can be controlled interactively
  • Windows can be cleared for a neutral environment
  • Optimisation of exposure, contrast and colour values for a professional impression
  • Integration of your company logo or a watermark 

360° interior picture of a vehicle taken with Photofairy app

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