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Your regular update for technical and industry information

USA: ASTM publishes new infant bathers standard – ASTM F3343-19


On 15 February 2019, ASTM published a new safety standard - ASTM F3343-191, which provides safety and labeling requirements for Infant Bathers.

Topics to note:

  • The standard was developed by CPSC to address certain fatal and non-fatal incidents associated with the use of infant bathers.
  • As defined by the standard - an Infant Bather is a stand-alone product intended to provide support for an occupant who cannot sit upright unassisted (approximately 0 to 6 months) in a reclining position during bathing by a caregiver but not intended to retain water.
  • In addition, the standard includes:
  • Generally, an infant bather is used in an adult tub or in or next to a sink.
  • The standard provides the following requirements:    
    • General Requirements
      • No hazardous sharp points or edges
      • No small part choking hazards
      • Any paint or surface coating must comply with 16 CFR 1303
      • Resistance to collapse
      • No scissoring/shearing/pinching hazards
      • No finger entrapment hazards associated with openings in any rigid materials
      • Protective components shall not yield any hazards
      • Warning label permanency requirements
      • Product must comply with requirements set forth within the CPSIA
      • Toy components must meet Toy Safety Standard ASTM F963
    • Performance Requirements
      • Restraint system
      • Structural integrity
      • Specific requirements for suction cups
      • Disassembly/collapse while lifting
      • Stability
      • Fabric/mesh integrity
  • In addition, the standard includes:
    • All applicable Test Methods
    • Marking and Labeling Requirements
    • Instructions Literature Requirements

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