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Your regular update for technical and industry information

US: CPSC updated safety standard for infant bath seats

SEPTEMBER 2019 - Relevant for: children's products

On 20 September 2019, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a direct final rule1 updating the safety standard for infant bath seats by mandating the latest version of the standard ASTM F1967-192 without modification. The rule will become effective from 22 December 2019, unless receives significant adverse comment by 21 October 2019.

The current CPSC standard for infant bath seats is 2013 version of ASTM F1967.

Compared to 2013 version, the major changes made in new standard include the revisions on definitions, performance requirements, test methods, labelling and instructional literature. CPSC considered the revisions increase the testing accuracy and clarity, which will improve the safety of infant bath seats.

An infant bath seat is defined as an article that is used in a bath tub, sink, or similar bathing enclosure and that provides support, at a minimum, to the front and back of a seated infant during bathing by a caregiver. Products commonly referred to as bath rings also are included in the scope. However, the standard does not apply to the products that are designed or intended to retain water for bathing. Traditional infant bath tubs that are used to bathe an infant are not within the scope of this standard.

[1] 16 CFR Part 1215

[1] ASTM F1967-19

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