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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Investment into new testing equipment for bumper testing

The high demands for safety, functionality and aesthetics during a car’s development are obvious in all its parts. These demands are usually at odds with cost effectiveness. Finding a reasonable compromise is always a difficult task for designers, structural engineers and technologists. At TÜV SÜD we support our customers in the testing area, from development through type approval to conformity of production (CoP) tests. To provide high quality services, we regularly invest into new testing equipment, which helps our customers to verify the functionality of components and assemblies, and thanks to that, speed up the development process. One of such investments is the new test pendulum for physical simulation of parking collisions.

The front and rear bumpers have long been, not only a steel moulding that connects and reinforces the front longitudinal beams but they are also part of a sophisticated deformation zone system. The front of a car is a textbook example of often opposing demands. If we consider the first aspect - safety, we will encounter demands for adequate deformation zones and component response for four types of impact.

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