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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Safety for highly automated driving

The society will only accept highly automated vehicles if safety is guaranteed for everyone. To this end, appropriate methods and regulations must be developed. The challenge here is to map an infinite number of possible situations. Our TÜV SÜD experts therefore combine physical real-life tests with scenario-based virtual simulations. Watch our video and learn more about our activities in the field of automated driving.

The development of highly automated driving and autonomous vehicles is progressing steadily. In parallel with this development, consumers and authorities expect these technologies to be thoroughly tested to ensure the safety of these autonomous driving technologies. Highly automated and autonomous vehicles will only meet with broad acceptance among users if the safety of people and the environment is guaranteed. To promote the introduction of technologies for automated driving and to set industry-wide standards, new test methods and corresponding regulations must therefore be developed. The new test methods must combine physical real-life tests with scenario-based virtual simulations. We take a leading role in this process.

TÜV SÜD has been one of the leading testing companies in the automotive sector for over 100 years and works with leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. In today's age of highly automated driving, as a globally active company we can draw on extensive experience in the evaluation and testing of modern driver assistance systems.

To enable manufacturers to test their vehicles under real-life conditions, our TÜV SÜD experts support the approval of automated vehicles, prototype and test vehicles by providing technical advice, preparing relevant documents, providing insights into the safety concept and test catalogue, and creating checklists for the requirements and approvals of automated vehicles.

With increasing connectivity, the risk of hacker attacks on electronic vehicle systems is also growing, which can have negative effects on traffic safety and data protection. Our development teams work on efficient solutions for functional safety and cybersecurity testing to ensure that vehicles are appropriately approved. We contribute our international expertise in the field of IT security and develop new solutions for hazard and risk analysis as well as data protection in order to be able to react appropriately to this new threat.

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