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Consulting Lift and Escalator Engineers

Consulting Lift and Escalator Engineers

On 1st of March 2017, the company was restructured allowing the “black” management-buy-out team to acquire the majority (plus 51%) of the shares in TÜV SÜD South Africa Real Estate Services (Pty) Ltd sustaining its position as a Level-2 B-BBEE contributor.

Through dedication and our ongoing Clients support, TÜV SÜD South Africa Real Estate Services (Pty) Ltd is developing into a leading lift and escalator inspectorate & specialist consulting Company in South Africa and prides itself on the fact that we are a majority black owned independent lift and escalator inspection company with extensive and varied experience in all fields of the industry.

With base offices in Montague Gardens, Cape Town and Bedfordview, Johannesburg, the company is well placed to serve both national and regional clients. For enquiries, email [email protected]

Fully fledged services

  • The full spectrum of Consulting Lift Engineer services for the new and modernization vertical transportation,
  • Periodic quality of maintenance and safety inspection service,
  • Periodic mandatory certificates of compliance service,
  • Risk Assessment in terms of the OHS Act.,
  • Management of maintenance agreements for and on behalf of our clients
  • Provide general support and assistance necessary to responsibly control and manage maintenance portfolios
  • Drafting of performance maintenance agreements and baseline specifications,
  • Negotiate or tender maintenance portfolios,
  • Hand-over inspections of new and modernised installations,
  • Site surveys and due-diligence reports,

Trade Affiliations and Accreditations

  • CESA, Consulting Engineers South Africa,
  • ILIASA, Lift Inspection Association of South Africa,
  • ECSA, Engineering Council of South Africa,
  • The Department of Employment and Labour, “the department” approving us as an Inspection Authority for Lift, Escalator and Passenger Conveyor under the OHS Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993
  • SANAS, South Africa National Accreditation System. 

Professional Consulting Engineering Services


Lift and Escalator Inspection Services

  • Inspection Services
    • Our elevator and escalator reviews are carried out by registered escalator and elevator inspectors according to a variety of standards (e.g. EN 81 series) and technical safety evaluations according to several national safety regulations
    • Our experts prepare reports on the state of repair and conduct compliance inspections against plans and inspections based on maintenance standards
    • Periodic quality of maintenance and safety inspections
    • Periodic mandatory certificate compliance inspections in terms of the OHS Act
    • Risk assessments in terms of the OHS Act
    • Due diligence inspections
    • Verification Inspections
    • Technical & commercial assistance
    • Evaluations of maintenance/repair charges
    • Reporting and follow up of remedial action
    • Risk assessment

Consulting Engineering Services

  • Design Stage
    • All design aspects relating to budgets, performance, operation, reliability, and safety of the escalator equipment with the view of a long term solution and the Client’s brief.
    • Review the project.
    • Establish vertical transportation requirements.
    • Liaise with relevant parties regarding the design detail, technical requirements and special operation and/or control features.
    • Review tenant baseline specification as applicable and incorporate the particular design requirements.
    • Design elements where the vertical transportation equipment impacts on the structure of the building or existing services (Builders’ Work).
    • The safety and disruption to the tenants in an occupied building during the installation stage.
    • Finishes relating to the escalator external truss finish.
    • On-site technical inspection(s) with the view of assessing the condition of the existing equipment and to consider the space, access and safety during installation.
    • Based on the Client’s brief and the established design, provide a list of preferred suppliers (Lift-Contractors) for approval by the Client.
  • Specification
    • Preparation and issue of the tender documentation including:
    • Condition of Contract (vertical transportation related).
    • Technical and performance Specification.
    • Schedule of Quantities (Bill of Quantities).
    • Project Plan / Programme.
    • Pro Forma written agreement on Occupational Health and Safety.
    • Hand-over of site Employer Indemnity Form.
    • Performance Based Maintenance Agreement.
  • Tender and Adjudication
    • Prepare the tender document including:
    • Form of Tender (conditions of tender).
    • General Conditions of Contract.
    • Schedule and facilitate the pre-tender meetings and/or site visit(s) by the Selected/Nominated Tenderers and deal with all queries raised.
    • Facilitate the tender closing process.
    • Adjudicate all tenders received and provide the Client with a written adjudication report (technical and financial) as well as a recommendation
  • Appointment of the Lift-Contractor
    • Negotiate and finalise all Tender queries and qualifications and on instruction from the Client, issue a letter of intent to the preferred supplier.
    • Finalise the programme.
    • Together with the Client finalise and approve lift enclosure and landing / lobby finishes.
    • Deal with all financial matters pertaining to forex and forward cover.
    • Prepare the Contract Appointment documentation for signature by the Client and the Lift-Contractor.

  • Installation Construction Stage
    • Monitor the procurement of the material by the Lift-Contractor.
    • Verify & check relevant procurement documentation & drawing approval.
    • Deal with all matters pertaining to the termination of existing maintenance agreements if the appointed Lift-Contractor is not the current service provider.
    • Monitor the installation stage with regards to material delivered, work performed, quality and programme.
    • Facilitate regular formal site meeting with the Lift-Contractor.
    • Together with the Client, finalise and approve cosmetic finishes.
    • Deal with all matters pertaining to the Budgetary Allowances and Builders Work contingency.
    • Certify claims for interim payments as well as the final account.
    • Assist / support the Client on matters, duties and responsibilities pertaining to a Project Manager and organise, schedule and facilitate formal site meetings throughout the installation stage.
    • Assist / support the Client with regards to matters pertaining to Occupational Health and Safety.
    • Assist / support the Client on matters, duties and responsibilities of a Principal Agent.
    • Organise and facilitate the hand-over of the works by the Lift-Contractor.
  • Final Hand-Over
    • Measure the performance and reliability for a period as set-out in the Specification (Confidence Trials) until complete satisfaction of the work performed in terms of the Works Information.
    • Certify that the lift installation complies with all National Building Regulations, the OHS Act and all relevant South African National Standards.
    • Provide the Client with a full set of operation and maintenance manuals.
    • Issue a completion certificate(s) when satisfied that the work has been completed in full compliance with the Works Information.
    • Formally initiate the twelve (12) months free maintenance (guarantee) period.
    • Prepare and certify the final payment excluding five percent (5%) retention if applicable.
  • Guarantee Period
    • Within reason, deal with all post hand-over lift related problems.
    • At the end of the twelve (12) months guarantee period, verify that the equipment has performed in terms of the Works Information and release the retention.
  • Completion of Service
    • The Consulting Lift Engineer services / appointment will be considered as being completed when the following have been provided:
    • Final Inspection and hand-over completed.
    • Final Account agreed with sub-contractor.
    • Final Accounts for professional fees agreed.
    • Operation and maintenance manuals relating to the lift installation
    • Product or other guarantees relating to the lift installation
  • General Duties and Responsibilities
    • Liaise with all relevant parties with regard all technical and contractual requirements.
    • Establish early warning processes and communicate with relevant parties as required.
    • Establish and maintain documentation and drawing filing and record keeping.
    • Take-out and keep current, all relevant and necessary insurances including professional indemnity.

Management of Lift Maintenance Services

  • Management of Lift Maintenance Services
    • Management of maintenance agreements on behalf of clients
    • Monitoring maintenance on behalf of clients
    • Drafting of Performance Based Maintenance Agreements
    • Implementation and management of routine maintenance
    • Routine inspection & reporting on standards of maintenance
    • Monitoring and reporting on call-outs

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