Integrity Guaranteed

Integrity Guaranteed


AVTS Roadworthy Stations (Pty) Ltd is a chain of vehicle testing stations based in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa. Originally established in 1992, AVTS employs more than 80 people, including a team of experts doing statutory roadworthy testing and other vehicle inspection services. It is certified to ISO 9001:2015, and is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor.

AVTS partnered with TÜV SÜD in 2010, strengthening its capability to expand its services and benefit from a global partner.

Our service portfolio includes roadworthy testing on change or ownership, condition assessments, sale of number plates, fitment of microdots, weighing of vehicles and related services,


Roadworthy testing

All vehicles are tested for roadworthiness on change of ownership. Taxis and trucks (more than 3500kg) are required to be tested annually, and buses on a 6-monthly basis. Vehicles are tested in accordance with the National Road Traffic Act, and the provisions of SANS 10047. A roadworthy test sheet can be seen here

Other Inspection services

Additional full or partial inspection services are offered, including the following:

•Roadworthy Plus 50 , which is a more in-depth multi-point check, which not only includes the safety aspects of the roadworthy test, but includes the quality and aesthetic items of the vehicle as well.
•Brake report – providing the results of the braking performance and measuring brake efficiency.
•Brake and suspension report – adding an inspection of the undercarriage and the play on the steering and various components that can be seen under the movement of the axle play detector.

Microdot fitment

Microdot technology is designed to ensure that the vehicle’s true identity and owner is never lost. Since 1 September 2012, all new motor vehicles registered in South Africa must carry microdot identification. Microdots are transparent polyester or nicol plated discs of between 0.5 and 1.8 millimetres in diameter. The discs are marked with lines of text by a sophisticated laser etching process. Read More 

Number plates

3 AVTS branches provide number plate embossing services under the necessary Permit conditions of the South African Bureau of Standards. Service available at Airport Industria, Table View and Kenilworth / Lansdowne.

Weighing of vehicles

The Airport branch has a 22m calibrated and operational weighbridge.





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