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Onboarding information for TÜV SÜD employees

Dear colleague,

We are very happy that you have become one of us and would like to welcome you on board. You have taken the decision to go your next career step together with TÜV SÜD. We would like to thank you very much for your trust in this Company shown with that decision.

You can expect responsive tasks in all areas and functions at TÜV SÜD - and naturally also in your new position. For those we wish you success and joy at work at any time.

To support your start at the company, we have collected some information about the company which may be relevant even before your 1st day at work. With your 1st day, you will have access to our restricted internal platforms and the option to receive more detailed, specific and confidential information. The following onboarding materials and information will guide you through your first 6 months at TÜV SÜD.

For now I would like to send warm regards and wishes for a good start in your future job at TÜV SÜD!


Gabriele Sommer
Global Head of Human Resources


    Here you can find tips on how to prepare for your 1st day at TÜV SÜD.


    Administrative Matters

    • Driving to work? Find out more information about our season parking here!
    • You should receive a confirmation from your friendly HR colleagues about your reporting date and time. We are excited to have you onboard with us!

    Company Overview

    • Follow our TÜV SÜD LinkedIn group and be updated on news of the organization!

    Contact Us

    Do feel free to contact your friendly HR colleagues if you have any questions:

    Chun Yu Duan

    Peck, Chiew Yeh


    Administrative Matters

    • On your first week, set up your personal workspace. You will have a Buddy! He or she will orientate you on the various work tools and corporate systems of the organization. Your Buddy should have also brought you on a tour around the office premises!
    • Your email password and ID have been sent to your Supervisor. Download your mobile outlook app to access your emails on the go! Find out more about our IT systems.

    Your Buddy or Supervisor should have assisted you with your name card requisition. If this has not been done, do give him / her a friendly reminder.

    HR Matters

    • Log on to TalenTS Onboarding to read up on the orientation materials. Do remember to fill in the necessary forms there as well!

    Job Duties

    • By the end of your first week, you should have a general understanding about the organizational chart, matrix structure and annual workplans of the Department and/or Division.
    • Review your job duties and find out about the expectations. Ask your Supervisor how your role fits in the department and how it contributes to the organization.
    • Check with your Buddy on the Department’s common drive. You can access all SOPs and Department or work related information there.
    • For staff who requires financial data, it is readily available on SAP and Business Warehouse. Do check with your Supervisor on the access.

    Learning & Development

    • At TÜV SÜD, we believe in Employee Development. Find out more about our programs here!
    • Do also remember that you are required to complete the online e-learning on Quality and Safety. The guide to completion can be found in the TalenTS Portal.


    • Take the initiative to introduce yourself to your peers and get to know your friendly colleagues through your welcome lunches with the team!   

    Safety & Quality

    • Ask your Buddy and find out who is the First Aider, Key Safety Personnel and the Emergency Flowchart in your working location.

    HR Matters

    • By the end of your first month, you should have received your medical card, staff pass and SAP log in information!
    • Once you have received your medical card, do download the AIA Employee Care app which allows you to access our panel clinic locations on the go.
    • For employees in TÜV SÜD PSB, the SAP access will allow you to check your payslip, submit your claims and leave application when needed.
    • For employees in TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific, do submit your claims and leave application via the e-HR platform.
    • Travelling for work? Do remember to submit your travel request via the e-Travel platform.


    • We hope that you have been settling in well into the organization. Do you know that we have a wide variety of wellness programs? Would you like to sign up for them to expand your network within the organization?

    Job Duties

    • You are highly encouraged to regularly request for on-going, meaningful feedback on your progress at work!
    • By the end of your first month, you should receive an email notification requiring you to key in your KPIs to our Performance Management System.
    • You should have a clear understanding of your KPIs and if this has not been communicated, do remind your Supervisor and set up a meeting to clarify expectations.   

    Learning & Development

    • Your Buddy should have assisted you with the registration of mandatory Learning courses if required. If you work in a lab, do ensure that you have a Learning file set up.


    Be sure to attend the New Staff Orientation program to get to know new colleagues and the organization better!

    Confirmation discussion / Informal performance review

    If you are on a 3 month probation period, do speak to your Supervisor about scheduling a probation discussion.

    For employees who are on a 6 month probation, do prepare for an informal 3 month performance check-in with your Supervisor. Write down any questions or concerns you may have.


    Here are some links and resources that you will find useful as an employee in TÜV SÜD:

    • Catch up with news on TÜV SÜD at the Global & ASMEA Intranet
    • At ASEAN level, find out all necessary information here to get you well orientated.
    • Curious about the benefits and programs offered? Explore our HR Portal to find out more.
    • Find out more about our Health & Safety initiatives and use roXtra to access all quality related documents!

    *note: all the above links are only accessible via the TÜV SÜD internet network

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