Food Safety Management Systems

Food Fraud and Food Defense Awareness

Learning Objectives:

Food Fraud:

• Understand potential risk of emerging food fraud issues in the food industry
• Develop and implement VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Point) strategy to prevent exposure to fraudulent activity within your supply chain network such as ingredients, materials, and products
• Apply mitigation strategies per global best practices to prevent food fraud risk within the supply chain
• Obtain online resources to enhance awareness of past, existing, and emerging food fraud risks

Food Defense:

• Understand The FDA’s Food Defence Final Rule
• Understand key activity type (KATs) and conduct vulnerability assessments
• Recognize the importance of food defence and develop understanding in vulnerability assessment preliminary steps
• Calculate potential public health impact, degree of physical access and ability of attacker
• Develop and implement TACCP (Threat Assessment and Critical Control Point) using FDA Builder 2.0

Course Outline:

Food Fraud:

• Introduction to Food Fraud
• FDA and GFSI Food Fraud Requirements
• Food Fraud History and Food Fraud Case Studies
• Risk factors for Fraud
• Food Fraud Triangle, Risk,
• Food Fraud Team, Supply Mapping
• Develop your VACCP Strategy

Food Defense:

• Introduction to Food Defense Measures & Exercise
• Vulnerability Assessment Preliminary Steps
• Inherent Characteristics, Exercise and Inside Attacker
• Evaluating Impacts on Public Health Impact & Exercise, Degree of Physical Access to the Product and Element
• Analyzing Results to Identify Actionable Process Steps
• Learning to use FDA Food Defense Builder 2.0




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