Civil and Structural Engineering Inspection Services

Achieve structural quality assurance with third-party inspections and project management services

Achieve structural quality assurance with third-party inspections and project management services


It is crucial for developers and investors to manage cost to ensure profitability of construction projects, as well as construction defects that can lead to legal disputes and project delays. Companies also need objective expertise during dispute cases and support for bill of quantities documentation.

TÜV SÜD’s civil engineering inspection and testing services extend from single activities to end-to-end support of your construction projects for new and existing structures. Our one-stop on-site solutions ensure a project’s compliance to prevailing national and international regulations for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

TÜV SÜD's civil and structural engineering INSPECTION & TESTING SERVICES

Project management services

  • TÜV SÜD keeps projects on schedule by streamlining your construction processes from initial planning analysis to final acceptance.
  • We optimise the work processes of individual stakeholders and provide services on design reviews and approvals, bill of quantities and more.

Third-party quality assurance and quality control

  • TÜV SÜD conducts regular third-party civil engineering quality assurance and construction quality control (QA/QC) inspections to ensure that projects are executed according to your plans and construction specifications.
  • Our experts can recommend financially and technically fit solutions to ensure that your processes and end product comply with all safety and quality requirements.

Structural controlling

  • Our structural engineering inspection services address structural safety and stability during construction and the ensuing warranty period. These services include special inspections after flood or fire tests as well as the structural review of load-bearing capacities.
  • As a part of civil engineering testing. Our experts will conduct chemical and physical analyses of the concrete and steel used in the building along with destructive and non-destructive testing. If structural issues arise, they will provide restoration and repair recommendations along with cost estimates.

Fire safety assessments

  • TÜV SÜD’s in-depth understanding of structural and organisational fire safety can help you develop comprehensive escape, rescue and fire-fighting plans.
  • We provide services on smoke extraction strategies and simulations, escape, extinguishing water supply, and more.

Sound proofing and building acoustics

  • We assist architects, planning officers and building developers around the world to develop plans for building and room acoustics. We offer expert reports on speech intelligibility within rooms.

Refurbishment and modernisation support

  • TÜV SÜD’s expert tests and analyses can help you design cost-effective permanent damage remediation strategies for refurbishing older structures.
  • Our refurbishment proposals and repair recommendations include damage assessment reports, construction materials analyses, bills of quantities and acceptance documentation.
  • Our expert analyses also cover concrete and facade refurbishment, including recommending solutions for removing building pollutants.

Mediation support services

  • With strong expertise in civil engineering and building physics, our experts are often engaged to conduct third-party building surveys and due diligence reviews to investigate building defects and damages in dispute cases.
  • We provide arbitration and mediation support services by securing evidence via expert analyses, producing investigation reports on building materials and defects, and auditing of the financial accounting for construction projects.


  • Save cost - by engaging TÜV SÜD’s cost-effective integrated project management solutions.
  • Minimise risk - by identifying quality problems early on and reducing the risk of expensive reworking delays and legal liabilities that can damage your reputation.
  • Improve quality control - with our interdisciplinary support, which gives you efficient single-source control that allows you to keep your project on schedule, improve the quality of the final product and enhance user satisfaction.
  • Enhance efficiency - with our complete one-stop solutions that can accommodate all your technical, project management and quality needs.
  • Gain a competitive edge - by partnering with a globally renowned third-party service provider that has a strong reputation for quality, safety and sustainability.


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