Feasibility Study & Planning Services

Ensure your project’s technical, financial, legal and sustainable viability

Ensure your project’s technical, financial, legal and sustainable viability

WHAT IS Feasibility Study & Planning?

For an investor, financial institution or a project owner, understanding, identifying and mitigating the concerns that may jeopardise the viability of the project are critical aspects that need to be addressed at the project planning stage. While one needs to look at investments, ROI, project commissioning timelines and long-term operational aspects of a plant, one also needs to understand and be prepared for the evolving market dynamics, ever changing regulatory environment, sustainability aspect and cost pressures.

Once the stakeholders have the accurate information to make the informed decision and re-align the project requirements if required, the next critical task is identification of qualified reliable partners/vendors for proper planning and timely execution through Feasibility Study & Planning.

Why is feasibility study & planning important?

The feasibility study helps to seek clarity on questions like what, why, when, where and who. It provides critical information regarding viability of project from financial, technical, legal and operational aspects, thus assisting stakeholders to make an informed decision. This detailed information helps the stakeholders to mitigate risks and uncertainties at the planning stage ensuring a well-designed, planned and timely executed project supported by qualified partners /vendors. 

TÜV SÜD HELPS TO Ensure your project’s technical, financial, legal & sustainable viability

TÜV SÜD with its pool of experts with deep domain knowledge, global experience and local expertise offer feasibility study for both green field as well as brown field projects. The report extends detailed assessment of the project covering all critical parameters required by stakeholders to make an informed decision in areas such as new investments, mergers and acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), insolvencies as well as sale and leaseback transactions, making it a bankable document for decision making. 

Once the decision is made, we represent clients in managing the tender phase of projects through the development of a tender programme and preparation of tender documents, eliminate risk and liability via proper contract preparation by engaging qualified supplier and contractors in the project.


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Due Diligence Services:

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Our TDD covers a comprehensive evaluation of site and asset management i.e. plants and equipment where the scope involves review of risk, uncertainty and future viability of project, technical installations and equipment. It also includes pre-empting the ROI, operational cost, financial cost, the efficiency and competitiveness of technology and production processes. We use a holistic approach to check the plausibility of capital and operational investments and also identify the need of future investments and the changes in operational costs. This technical perspective helps to evaluate whether the business and financial targets of a transaction are realistic and achievable. 

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)

With our expertise in local and international environmental legislation, we perform integrated analysis of existing contaminations in soil or materials, indoor pollutants, waste management and other environmental factors to analyse the environmental and financial impact on the project.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

With our expertise in local and regional regulations, we help investors and project developers to assess the potential environmental and social impacts of a proposed project, evaluating alternatives, mitigating risks and implementing relevant management & monitoring measures. Our in-depth analysis and report will help organisations to predict and mitigate negative impacts and identify opportunities to enhance benefits for local communities and broader society.

Tender & Contract Management Services

We assist our customers to identify qualified partner / vendors either through closed or open tendering process and conduct all related activities to tendering and contract management such as setting up selection criteria’s, contract terms, bidding process, evaluation of tender and final decision.

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