Global Market Access

Quick access to global markets for electrical and electronics



reach global markets with your electronic and electrical goods using our quick access compliance guide

You want your electrical and electronic products to reach customers around the world, but navigating the maze of regulation and compliance requirements is a daunting task. Each region comes with its own regulatory frameworks, agencies and approval procedures, which can dramatically slow your product’s path to the market.

TÜV SÜD’s global regulation experts have compiled this indispensable guide to more than 30 regions and countries, putting all of the information you need at your disposal. It includes:

  • Regulations in more than thirty regions and countries
  • Advice and guidance on expanding into global markets
  • Prospective avenues for global market access
  • Clear overview of regulatory agencies and key regulations
  • Useful quick-reference guide to certification requirements

Take the guesswork out of global market access – download the free e-book now.

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