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Functional Safety for a Digital World

White paper

White paper

Smart solutions from chip design to whole system design

As digitalisation and automation progress, electrical, electronic or programmable electronic systems (E/E/PES) are used increasingly in the field of safety applications. Growing complexity and connectivity bring new requirements for the functional safety of systems and power plant technology, with previously separate applications growing closer together. Given this, interdisciplinary expertise is increasingly important to ensure safety and dependability of systems. As a result, new applications of functional safety are emerging, such as collaborative robots which work hand in hand with humans.

These trends are also reflected at standardisation level. Current standards provide starting-points for implementing the new demands when realising safety requirements. This TÜV SÜD white paper summarises the current trends and challenges and also provides an overview of the opportunities offered by functional safety. Third-party audits and testing throughout the design and development phases play a critical role across all applications. This topic will be of interest to the manufacturers of systems, components and machines and the owners or managers of industrial plants and infrastructure.

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  • Get an overview of different functional safety trends
  • Get information about challenges and also opportunities offered by functional safety trends
  • Gain insights into different areas of functional safety
  • Find out how TÜV SÜD is working to address the challenges

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