Risk Based Inspection

Optimising Plant Operation and Maintenance through Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)

On-demand Webinar

On-demand Webinar


Risk-based Inspection (RBI) is a critical procedure in identifying, assessing, and categorising industrial risks stemming from equipment or structural degradation. By analysing the probability and consequences of potential failures, robust inspection and maintenance program can be developed, significantly structuring the inspection planning process and enhancing reliability and safety in plant operations.

This webinar offers a comprehensive understanding of RBI principles and how the implementation drives efficiency, exploring the API 580 / EN 16991 framework requirements. As we cover RBI methodologies, technical insights, and practical considerations, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of existing practices. Moreover, through real-life case studies, we will examine practical applications, unveiling both the successes and potential pitfalls when implementing RBI within an organisation.

Discover how this approach not only fortifies safety protocols but also optimises processes, leading to substantial savings in both time and resources. Watch the webinar to unlock the potential of RBI and elevate your approach to maintenance and safety.

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Our webinar will tackle these points, focusing on:

  • RBI within Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management programs
  • Risk assessment concepts
  • Overview and introduction to the key elements of an RBI program (RBI framework)
  • Degradation mechanisms and failure modes
  • Determination of likelihood / probability of failure and consequence of failure
  • Risk-based inspection planning, risk management, and evergreening.
  • Case studies and benefits
  • Q & A session

About the speaker

Risk based inspection

Dr. Robert Kauer
Asset Integrity Management, Reliability Optimisation and Process Safety Expert, Industry Service, TÜV SÜD

Throughout his service at TÜV SÜD, Robert has handled various national and international projects related to design, Fitness for Service, structural integrity, and inspection program development for nuclear and non-nuclear applications in pressure vessel & piping technology. Currently, Robert is responsible for product development and projects for the Process Industry related to Asset Integrity Management, Reliability Optimization and Process Safety at TÜV SÜD Industry Service, Munich.

Robert received his engineering degree at the Technische Universität of München in 1991. He also holds a National Board commission as an ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisor. He is member of various European committees and is the Chairman of ASME Germany International Working Group for ASME Sect. VIII.

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