Complimentary webinar: How to protect your company and employees against phishing attacks

Know how to protect your company and employees from phishing attacks



Simulate a phishing attack on your organisation and train your employees to protect against cyber threats

With cybercriminals always looking for the most successful way to carry out a successful attack, phishing once again proves to be one of the most adaptable and viable attack vector. Especially managers and executives should protect themselves and their employees well against these attacks.

Criminals try to trick your employees into opening an unsafe attachment or clicking on a dubious web link. They impersonate your CEO and order your finance department to wire money. And they convince your customers into sharing login credentials with a website they think is yours.

As the attacks become more and more targeted and professional, it becomes more and more difficult to detect if it is a possible phishing mail. Therefore, it is very important to perform phishing simulations to prepare employees and managers for these threats. We as TÜV SÜD act as MSSP of Cofense and enable the targeted simulation of phishing tests with subsequent evaluation and assessment of the risk. Through our partnership with Cofense, which provides the technical platform for our service, and our long experience in the field of social engineering, we can simulate reality-based attacks to estimate the underlying risk.

TÜV SÜD’s free on-demand webinar will help you understand the actual phishing threat landscape through recent examples and share how organisations & employees can detect and protect themselves against Phishing Attacks. To view the webinar, fill up the form now.


  • Phishing Threat landscape 
  • The human factor 
  • Most common Phishing attacks 
  • How to detect Phishing attacks
  • How to protect against Phishing 
  • Phishing Simulations for employees 
  • Live demonstration of simulated Phishing attacks
  • Q & A session

BUSINESS BENEFITS OF simulated phishing attack service

With our service, you can determine the vulnerability of your organisation to various phishing attacks. Below are some benefits of the service: 

  • Regular training courses improve the resilience of employees against phishing attacks and minimise the risk of cyber attacks for the entire company.   
  • We design the phishing attacks individually and tailor them to your organisation. We can use a database with more than 1,000 different templates for phishing emails. These are updated monthly and are available in different languages.
  • You will receive an anonymised evaluation including a report.
  • You have the option of attaching online training courses and learning materials directly to the phishing simulation. These learning units can be processed by employees immediately after the simulation. This leads to a higher recall of the training materials.

Learn more about our Simulated Phishing Attack Service here.

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