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About Industrial Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing Certification & Training Courses

Additive manufacturing (AM) and the underlying technology of 3D printing are on the rise. Companies are already using this new manufacturing technology to print spare parts and serial production parts. AM enables completely new designs and a significant shortening of the supply chains - with lower time and cost expenditure. However, numerous requirements and standards must be met to ensure high quality, performance and safety. Your staff also requires the proper training to handle the unique challenges posed by AM.

To support you in implementing industrial AM / 3D printing, TÜV SÜD offers a range of services to companies such as quality certifications and live virtual training. 

We offer the following:



This program is developed by TÜV SÜD to support companies to achieve quality and consistency in industrial AM by adopting standards and certification. It is applicable to all industry verticals with additive manufacturing. Through this program, we assist to accelerate the AM manufacturer’s go-to-market capabilities through a rigorous examination of the quality and process framework.

Small Medium Enterprises from Singapore interested in this program may be eligible for up to 80% Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) offered by ESG.

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IAM expert training program

Our industrial AM (iAM) training program will ensure that participants are equipped with the AM / 3D printing knowledge that is required for their respective roles. Under this training, we have developed 3 certificate lines that caters to 3 different professionals in the additive manufacturing process. The certificate lines are: iAM Quality Manager and iAM Engineer. 

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