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Your solution partner and technical service provider

Your solution partner and technical service provider

TÜV SÜD has been a trusted partner of choice for safety, quality, security and sustainability solutions for the automotive sector. The extensive automotive safety engineering experience and a strong understanding of the local requirement has always enabled us to be at the forefront of supporting the mobility sectors’ evolving needs. With over 10 years of global experience in e-Mobility and network of labs, our EV services serve you as a one-stop facilitator for battery & components testing & certification, safety assessments, training solutions and global market access.


  • 10+ years of global experience and network of labs
    Benefit from our global expertise, local experience and reach through our network of labs for automotive, battery, EMC & wireless and environment testing across North America, Germany and Asia.
  • Comprehensive assessment for charging infrastructure
    Our global experts provide a full range of services for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and systems, from site assessment and selection to the initial testing and certification of charging units, as well as on-site commissioning inspection after installation. We leverage extensive expertise in automotive, infrastructure, battery and alternative energy concepts to help top industry players develop and test e-Mobility technologies.
  • Battery Testing
    With a network of 9 battery testing labs spread across North America, Germany and Asia, including Thailand, we assist you to meet EV battery testing requirements by fulfilling legal, industry and manufacturer requirements, offered at all levels - electrical, chemical, corrosive, mechanical and abusive domains. More details mentioned below.
  • 360° approach

    Assure safety, marketability and compliance throughout the entire value chain, right from electric vehicle components and systems to batteries and charging infrastructure. 

  • Global Market Access
    Partner with us to meet your local and global testing & certification requirements applicable in target markets, facilitated by globally accredited laboratories (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025). Also gain confidence with us, as we support your requirements for approval tests under ECE-R100.02 and other international standards of all vehicle categories, systems and components.

  • Some key milestones with stakeholders
    - Through a recently signed MoU with ComfortDelGro Engineering we have jointly developed a training programme that aims to upskill automotive technicians on the safe handling of high voltage systems in electric and hybrid vehicles. This partnership aims to set industry standards and enable more skilled technicians to be readily available as Singapore works towards a more sustainable future.

    - Our partnership with Italvolt at a planned Gigafactory in Italy has helped facilitate technical advisory services such as design review, risk assessment or fire protection services, along with testing solutions, including battery testing, EMC or functional safety, inspection services and certification services like TISAX, IATF 16949 and others.

    - Our strategic partnership with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) has further enhanced our expertise in battery testing & certification, functional safety and other areas to provide services that will mitigate potential risks and help achieve steady & safe development of the global new energy industry.

    - Our commitment to sustainability has been further cemented through a pilot project at Microvast GmbH, where we have developed a climate-friendly and sustainable approach, covering the entire product cycle of battery production. Using SDGs as a benchmark, our teams have identified specific indicators and opportunities for improvement of sustainability through regular tracking and monitoring.


  • Battery Production to Battery Testing

    As your trusted partner, TÜV SÜD is a single point of contact between plant owners and suppliers, thereby facilitating seamless communication. Our team of experts accompany you throughout the validation process of battery production, until market access is fully gained. Our expertise helps to increase R&D efficiency, compliance fulfillment and gap analysis of your batteries with appropriate measures required. We further understand the concerns while setting up new plants and address your challenges through our end-to-end solutions on supplier management, compliance and safety. 

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  • Charging Infrastructure Solutions

    Electric vehicle charging station infrastructure and technology are developed based on new technologies that require extensive testing and certification to relevant standards. At TÜV SÜD, we provide test plans and product testing solutions to cater to the requirements of operators and manufacturers to ensure specifications are met. In addition to EV charger testing and EV charging station certification, our e-mobility experts also provide solutions for electrical, environmental (including EMC) and functional safety, providing the results of each test so that any issues can be addressed efficiently.

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  • Technical Due Diligence

    Technical Due Diligence reviews help in reducing the level of risk inherent in investments and planning of assets. As a third-party solutions provider, TÜV SÜD ensures that your business decisions are based on detailed evaluations and reliable results. Our experts provide you with integrated due diligence services that combine technical, environmental, sustainability and commercial aspects. Our holistic approach has a materially beneficial effect on the operation and value of your assets.

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  • Testing for Batteries, Automotive Components and Charging Infrastructure

    Battery Testing

    As one of the key components of an electric vehicle, the performance and reliability of batteries is of paramount importance to ensure the quality of the entire vehicle. Our experts focus on R&D testing to support customers right from the start to develop safe EV batteries through multiple domains - electrical, chemical, corrosive, mechanical and abusive.

    Standards we test against: 
    -IEC 60068
    - IEC 62620
    - ISO 12405
    - ISO 16750
    - ISO 20653 

    Our testing and certification solutions: 
    - Battery safety and abuse testing
    - Battery performance and lifecycle testing
    - Battery environmental and durability testing
    - Battery mechanical testing
    - Battery material testing and chemical analysis
    - Battery certification and global market access

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    Automotive Component Testing

    Implementation of safety, reliability and compliance to regulations have paved the way in ensuring the effective adoption of e-Mobility solutions. To stay ahead of the technological curve, our experts ensure that safety, marketability and compliance quotients are constantly met across the automotive ecosystem. While optimization of key elements for electromobility has been a growing area of concern, enhancing the efficiency of EV components has helped address these challenges.

    As a preferred technical partner, our testing solutions for EV components testing largely include safety, environmental endurance, mechanical performance and material & chemical analysis which provide accurate results that are individually and efficiently assessed.

    Standards we test against: 
    - UN ECE R100
    - ISO 26262
    - REACH 
    - RoHS
    - LV124

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    Charging Infrastructure Testing

    Electric vehicle charging station infrastructure and technology are developed based on new technologies that require extensive testing and certification to relevant standards. At TÜV SÜD, we provide test plans and product testing to ensure specifications are met. We provide tests to safety and quality standards including but not limited to TR 25:2016, IEC 618511, IEC 61851212, IEC 61851-23, IEC 621961, IEC 621962, IEC 62196-3.

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  • Training and Personnel Certification

    This e-mobility course is funded under the e2i programme. The 4-day course aims to support automobile electricians, mechatronics engineers, and mechanics to develop their competence as qualified electrician for High Voltage (HV) systems in motor vehicles (e.g. electric cars, hybrid vehicles).

    This course consists of 4 modules: 

    • Module 1 - Technical Personnel Awareness
    • Module 2 - Storage and Powertrain
    • Module 3 - Power Electronics
    • Module 4 - Infrastructure and Cabling Recharge

    Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to assess the work delegated to them, reliably recognise possible dangers, and put into practice all necessary protective measures.

    Participants who passed the examination at the end of the course will receive a Certificate for Qualified Electrician for High Voltage System in Vehicles.

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  • Overall Safety Solutions

    We provide holistic support for compliance of interconnected components and intelligent software solutions according to relevant and global safety requirements. Our solution offerings include safety aspects of electric vehicle development, such as electrical, mechanical, chemical and functional safety, passive and active safety as well as cybersecurity aspects.



  • Full Vehicle Homologation and Compliance Services

    We support you right from the beginning in the preparation of your highly automated and connected driving technologies for type approval to bring your vehicles and / or systems to global markets. With our global network we can streamline your homologation process for your electric battery vehicles, systems and components.

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