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Lift & Escalators Inspection Testing and Certification services

Ensure safety and availability of your lifts and escalators through inspection, certification and advisory

Operators and manufacturers of lifts, escalators and moving walkways need to satisfy a wide range of regulations, standards and international directives. To ensure the wellbeing and comfort of passengers, your organisation also needs to consider issues of servicing, maintenance, operational availability, quality and safety, balanced with the need to control costs and remain energy-efficient.

However, in today’s talent market, it can be difficult for businesses to find and retain the in-house expertise necessary to optimise cost efficiency while satisfying safety and reliability requirements. This is where TÜV SÜD can help.



Our expert services give your business the assurance of the availability and marketability of your products. We help manufacturers to shorten time to market and develop a trusted and reliable brand. For investors, operators and owners, our services offer peace-of-mind and substantial cost savings. Other benefits include:

  • Ensuring safety and availability - through our qualified lifts and escalator inspections using modern inspection technology.
  • Ensuring quality and reliability - we work closely with you from the very beginning to ensure that lifts and their components are reliable and safe for passenger use and to avoid damages, lift breakdowns and downtime operations.
  • Minimising risk - with our wide-ranging expertise in directives and standards.
  • Extending the performance and lifetime of lifts and escalators - through expert engineering and impartial advisory services.
  • Saving money - with optimised solutions for maintenance and modernisation that ensure cost-effective and energy-efficient operations.

our services

TÜV SÜD’s range of services ensures that your technical equipment meets safety and legal requirements and helps to fulfil the availability expectations of stakeholders. Our experts are qualified to provide testing, certification and inspection in all major markets applying accordingly the European Lifts Directive, Machinery Directive, North American ASME safety codes, EN standards and other national standards.

Our services include:


  • Inspection

    Our elevator and escalator inspectors are qualified to carry out a variety of standards (e.g. EN 81 series) and technical safety evaluations according to respective national safety regulations.

    Our experts will provide reports on the state of repair and conduct compliance inspections against plans and inspections based on maintenance standards.

    Other works includes review to the design drawings, circuit diagrams and strength calculations, conduct structural analysis and provide verification of the completed works.


  • Testing, product certification and system certification

    TÜV SÜD is accredited to offer lift and escalator certification worldwide, and as a Notified Body in all EU member countries.

    Our services include energy efficiency measurements and certification according to VDI 4707, function and proof load testing, EC type-examination tests and certification of model lifts and all safety components, EC design examinations, as well as auditing and certification of QA systems.


  • Advisory and Consultancy services

    We offer advisory and consultancy services for vertical transportation with risk assessment reports, support with tenders activities, asset depreciation reports, project management and monitoring, expert witness services, incident investigations, expert reports, people-movement vertical transportation traffic studies, progress payment verification, and assistance with problematic installations and provide qualified technical statements based on ADIASYSTEM®.

    Our experts assist Building Owners, Facility and Property Managers, Developers with a full scope of maintenance management services, providing technical and commercial support for drafting service level agreements, tendering maintenance portfolios, lifecycle assessment and budget forecasting.




As an internationally established brand, TÜV SÜD can support your operations on a global scale. Leveraging our world-class reputation and expertise demonstrates your commitment to safety and reliability.

Our experts actively participate in the development of European and international standards. This ensures they are deeply familiar with the latest technologies and evolving statutory regulations. We have also developed our own computerised measuring system, ADIASYSTEM®, which provides accurate and reliable results for load substituting measurements.


TÜV SÜD is accepted by Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for PESSRAL and Safety Components Type Examination Certification. To find out more about Adoption of SS 550:2020, click here.


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