Nuclear decommissioning

Ensure a safe and efficient nuclear decommissioning process

Ensure a safe and efficient nuclear decommissioning process

What are nuclear decommissioning services?

Nuclear decommissioning services involve monitoring and supervising the decommissioning of nuclear power plants (NPPs) and other nuclear facilities. It includes an assessment of dismantling concepts, safety and decommissioning reports as well as accompanying control in the post-operational and decommissioning phase. It can also cover planning for decommissioning, engagement with regulatory bodies and a review of final waste disposal concepts.

Why are nuclear decommissioning services important?

Authorities, suppliers and operators must maintain safety and security at nuclear power plants and other facilities throughout the decommissioning phase. It is essential to control and review the decommissioning concept and the resulting safety concepts for dismantling, handling, transportation and storage of radioactive materials. Suppliers and operators must also ensure safety and minimal environmental impact by following Best Available Techniques.

TÜV SÜD helps you manage your nuclear power plant decommissioning safely and efficiently

Our nuclear decommissioning services can help suppliers and operators determine the costs and funding requirements to ensure adequate provisions for decommissioning. Key learnings from the decommissioning of redundant nuclear installations can also be incorporated into the design and construction of new-build NPPs and other nuclear facilities.

Our nuclear decommissioning services include:

  • Post-operational phase support

    We support the plant’s transition from operation to decommissioning, covering preliminary actions for decommissioning and other aspects such as the operating mode and operating regulations.

  • Dismantling concepts

    We assess different dismantling strategies, tools and procedures, remotely operated systems, and waste treatment. Our services also include feasibility and optioneering studies, strategy development, control of scope, time and cost, as well as risk management.

  • Decommissioning reports

    By reviewing the general dismantling concept and facilitating control of the specific steps in the dismantling procedure, our experts ensure safety objectives are met.

  • Accompanying control

    Our experts define preventive maintenance measures as well as reviewing operational regulations and notices of modification.

  • Waste package assessment

    We evaluate waste forms that arise from decommissioning activities. We also ensure that their condition and packaging meets requirements for clearance, transport and final disposal.

  • Best Available Techniques assessments

    Our assessments ensure that your options meet criteria such as safety, environmental impact, practicability and cost.


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