Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification

With the increase in number of cyber threats each year in all sectors, this increases the need for companies to look into cybersecurity measures to protect their IT infrastructure. To ensure a resilient infrastructure, cybersecurity is an important consideration when designing IT systems and networks. Establishing cybersecurity measures early will help protect companies from the reputational and financial risks posed by cyber threats. 

What is THE Common Criteria?

Common Criteria is a systematic process of evaluating and certifying the security functionality and assurance requirements of ICT products (or systems) based on International Standard known as Common Criteria (CC) or ISO/IEC 15408. It is also known as Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. Common Criteria is developed to certify that products and systems meet a pre-defined security standard for government deployments. Products are awarded with Common Criteria have to go through successful testing and evaluation. 

Why is Common Criteria Important?

Common Criteria ensures that evaluations of IT products are performed to consistently fixed high standards. This will increase the consumer confidence in cybersecurity of certified products. 


We are working with Common Criteria accredited laboratories to offer a full range of services to meet our clients' needs in planning and pursuing Common Criteria services for their IT products:

  • Readiness assessment and consulting
  • Conformance evaluation
  • Protection Profile evaluation
  • Education and training
  • Migration assistance to Common Criteria version 

We are able to provide Common Criteria services for products such as network devices, payment terminals, healthcare devices, smart metering system, telecommunication products and more. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Gain competitive edge - by certifying your products with Common Criteria as it is critical in competing with other well-established security products have already been evaluated.
  • Minimise risks - by certifying your products with a well-established cybersecurity standard such as Common Criteria.
  • Proof of quality - by signaling to customers the cybersecurity of your products.


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