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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Singapore: Updates to High-Risk Controlled Goods Test Standards subjected to the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (‘CPSR’)


On 12 July 2021, the Consumer Product Safety Office published a circular to inform the changes in safety standards for the high risk Controlled Goods, regulated under the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (‘CPSR’).

Under the CPSR, 33 categories of household electrical, electronics and gas appliances and accessories are classified as Controlled Goods. Controlled Goods are required to be tested and certified to specified safety standards, registered with the Consumer Product Safety Office1 (‘CPSO’), and affixed with the Safety Mark before they can be supplied in Singapore.

The change in the circular is that the required safety standards for the high-risk Controlled Goods will be updated as set out with effect from 13th July 2022:

S/N  Category of Controlled Goods Minimum Edition of Safety Standard
 1  Gas cooking appliances (gas cooker) EN 30-1-1:2008 +A3:2013 or AS 5263.1.1:2020

 Gas cooking appliances (glass-ceramic gas hob with enclosed covered burner)

EN 30-1-3:2003 +A1:2006

 Gas cooking appliances (gas cooker with automatic burner control system)

IEC 60335-2-102:2017
 2 Mains socket-outlets (3-pin 13-amp type) SS 145-2:2018

Mains socket-outlets (3-pin 13-amp type for cooker control unit)

 BS 4177:1992 + A1:1993 + A2:1997 +

A3:2004 + A4:2007

 Mains socket-outlets (3-pin 13-amp type with RCD)

 BS 7288:2016

 Mains socket-outlets (3-pin round type 15-amp)

 SS 472:1999 + A1:2020

 Water heater (instantaneous electric type)

IEC 60335-2-35:2012 + A1:2016 + 


 Water heaters (mains pressure electric storage type)

IEC 60335-2-21:2012 + A1:2018
   Refrigerators IEC 60335-2-24:2020

From 13th July 2022 (inclusive) onwards, the above Controlled Goods which are tested to editions of their applicable Safety Standards that are older than what is listed above, will not be accepted for new registrations or renewal of existing registrations.

[1] Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations

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