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Certified Safety Officer

virtual classes schedule 

10th - 14th Oct 2022: Certified Safety Officer | Duration: 5 Days

About the course

TÜV SÜD's “Certified Safety Officer” program in Occupational Health and Safety is designed for aspiring and working health and safety professionals to embark on their career to cater to the role of Health and Safety Officer in preventing workplace incidents and creating a safer work environment. 

The qualification sets out in the context of International Standards drawing the range of literature from international bodies and best practices in occupational health and safety. The program equips the participants and fits the criteria for any industry and workplace in a broader spectrum for the management of health and safety.


The delegates who complete the qualification shall demonstrate technical and professional knowledge and can able to contribute promoting a positive safety culture in workplaces. The program shall also enhance the overall competency and skills set to be a competent person in the field of health and safety.


Your benefits


Knowledge and Understanding

Upon successful completion of the program, the delegate will be able to:

  • Critically assess the relative merits of different tools and approaches available to the business community in responding to pressures to improve occupational health, and safety performance and to promote a safety culture.
  • Plan, apply and evaluate methodologies, tools, and management strategies to assess and improve the health and safety performance within the organization.
  • Assess the significance of monitoring, auditing, and review processes in the continuous improvement of health, safety, and management systems.


Practical and Professional Skills

On completion the learner will have had the opportunity to or will be able to:

  • Develop and apply systematic health and safety procedures for various activities and hazards within the organizations
  • Design, plan and carry out inspections and risk assessments of health and safety systems, processes, and activities.
  • Write concise and structured reports of inspections based on evidence


Transferable Skills and Other Attributes

On completion the learner will have developed: 

  • The ability to learn and work autonomously in planning and implementing tasks and to exercise self-direction, initiative, and originality in tackling and solving problems in real-life settings through knowledge and skillset achieved through the program.
  • The ability to communicate at an appropriately professional level to specialist and non-specialist audiences including the preparation of technical and non-technical presentations.


Course content / outline


1) Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety - 2 Hrs.

2) Risk Regulation - 2 Hrs.


3) Health and Safety Management System - 3 Hrs.


4) Health and Safety Culture - 3 Hrs.


5) Understanding Risk and Mitigation - 4 Hrs.


6) Safety Conservation - 8 Hrs.


7) Occupational Health and Hygiene - 8 Hrs.


8) Work Equipment and Heavy Machinery - 3 Hrs.


9) Performance Measurement - 2 Hrs.


who should attend?


• Site Managers, Safety Engineers,
• Safety Officers- Working / Aspiring
• Consultants HSE
• Students/ Freshers
• Management professional


Training duration


5 Days




English (Basic level of English is required to undertake the qualification)




• 5 hours
• Online – Open Assessment




• Qualified participants will receive certificate on successful completion

• Others will receive certificate of participation

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