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Open-house Training Program


Every organisation is unique and has specific training needs in consideration of the size and volume of the workforce. The open house-training programs from TÜV SÜD support individuals and organisations to embark on their careers in health and safety and improve their health and safety skill set within the team.

The Certified Safety Professional course is designed to provide safety and healthcare solutions to prevent accidents and harmful effects on workers' health from employment on project sites. The program sets out in line with the requirement of working conditions, construction processes and its activities, technological operations and taking appropriate measures of planning and control. Upon completing the program, learners will demonstrate competence and understanding of how health and safety can help scale up their operations and production, thereby promoting effective performance.

The workforce will be more engaged in promoting a positive safety culture due to the training program is designed to be relevant to their specific requirement. The open house program is most appropriate for health and safety professionals with limited knowledge and also helps professionals to learn the dynamics of health and safety to map on to integrated health and safety management systems.

The open house programs are a combination of regulatory excellence, scientific expertise, and real-world best practices providing solutions you can trust in health and safety. The program also helps the delegates in maintaining the CPD by adding new professional and maintenance skills.


The programs are delivered face to face or online by industry experts holding real-time expertise in the domain. There shall be direct dialogue throughout each session and opportunities to interact with fellow delegates. The program runs in small-size cohorts with ample screen breaks and resting times to reduce fatigue. The delegates shall have the experience of referring to real-time case studies both in the context of national and international scenarios, which brings extensive learnings from industry experts on current situations and technological advancements. The program is blended with audio, videos, and formative assessments during the training to conceptualize effective learning to improve the efficiency of training.

About course advisors

The course content and training delivery are executed by the Occupational safety and health practitioners from across the globe of TÜV SÜD.
The trainers holding immense experience and a success record spanning centuries from multiple corporates across the globe, our team of product specialists along with subject matter experts at TÜV SÜD have created all course contents in line with domestic and international compliance and best practices.
At TÜV SÜD we make sure all clients; customers are meeting their requirements objectives by observing the participants' world-class training and surge incompetence.

Our open-house training program

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ's

    1. Is the open house qualification accredited?

    TÜV SÜD is an international organization that specializes in training, certification, and audit in all verticals and got a presence in 1000 locations worldwide. Also, all the open house qualifications are internationally recognized and accredited by TÜV SÜD. 

    2. Is it an international health and safety qualification?

    Open house programs are TÜV SÜD accredited which are designed in line with regulatory excellence, scientific expertise, and real work experience providing you trust in health and safety. The qualifications have been drawn from international bodies and best practices within the educational framework.

    3. How is this qualification different from other health and safety qualification?

    Open house programs stand alone in the market which equips the delegates with practical and professional skills, knowledge, and transferrable skills to be competent and employable health and safety professional in the dynamic world. The components of the qualification are set out in the context of the latest trends and current legislations and standards with regular reviews and updates on the course syllabus.

    4. Are there e-learning or flexible learning options available?

    Currently, the open house programs are tutor led via TÜV SÜD online platform. However, the process of e-learning shall be considered and in the pipeline.

    5. Can I change my examination once I have registered and undergone training?

    Yes, TÜV SÜD is flexible in accommodating delegates by considering their circumstances. However, the application for such consideration should attract formal application.

    6. Is it a certification program?

    TÜV SÜD is a pioneer in a market in rigorous examination patterns and passes grades. The components of examinations shall be a blend of both theoretically and practically demonstration for successful clearing the exam. After successful completion of the Summative assessment, participants will be eligible for certificates. Hardcopy and e-copy choices are available.

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