Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)

Training program

Training program

About the course

Risk Management is a mechanism for dealing with various aspects of associated risks in managing any business activity. It is a structured approach to managing a risk related to a threat, a sequence of human activities including risk identification, risk quantification, development, and implementation of risk response/mitigation of risk using managerial resources. One of the most challenging problems for any safety representative is identifying safety and health hazards at work. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) training program helps an organisation achieve its obligations to fulfil legal requirements and Operational Control requirements of ISO 45001:2018. 

Your benefits

Upon completion of the training program, participants will understand:

  • the concept of Hazard Identification
  • the importance of HIRA
  • the Methodologies
  • the Best Practices
  • the requirements for documenting the HIRA
  • prevention of injury and ill health

Course content / outline

  • OHSMS ISO 45001 - Overview 
  • Key terms and definitions / ill health / incident / risk
  • Types of hazards
  • Considerations for Hazard Identification
  • Hazardous Work – Responsible for Risk  
  • Hazard Prompt List
  • Risk Management  - Tools and Techniques
  • Determination of Risk
  • Risk Control
  • Implementation of Risk Management
  • Responsibilities
  • Monitoring 
  • Risk Register
  • Exercises
  • Q&A
  • Examination

Who should attend?

  • Management representatives
  • Professionals
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Executives
  • Any others involved in Implementation and Auditing of ISO 45001
  • Personal involved  internal auditing ISO 45001

Training Duration

2 Days


  • Understanding of English (if language requirement is not addressed).
  • Ability to write in order to perform the activities.
  • Understanding / Knowledge of OHS Assessment.

Exam Details (Duration, Pattern)

  • Duration: 60 minutes  
  • Platform/Mode: Written or Online


Qualified participants will receive certificate on “Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment”; others will receive certificate of participation.

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