Chemical Safety

Training program

Training program

About the course

Chemical Safety is undertaking all activities involving chemicals in such a way as to ensure the safety of human health and the environment. This Chemical Safety Training and Personal Certification program will provide knowledge about the chemicals involved and the associated work activities. Upon completing the course, participants will be able to manage chemical safety in the workplace. In addition, attendees will know the possible hazards while working in a chemical plant and the necessary precautions to be addressed. Chemical Safety training helps organisations prevent injury/fatality, achieve their obligations, and fulfill legal requirements and Operational Control requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

Your benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand:

  • the importance of chemical safety
  • the theory of Accident
  • the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) requirements
  • the OHSMS requirements with respect to chemical safety
  • chemical safety implementation requirements

Course content / outline 

  • Introduction to chemical safety
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Chemical hazards
  • Chemical risk assessment
  • Managing chemical safety
  • Use of MSDS
  • Hazard pictograms
  • Chemical inventory
  • Implementing control measures
  • Safe storage of chemicals
  • PPE – Eye / Face
  • Skin protection
  • Hand protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Operational controls and controls in place
  • 3. emergency measures 
  • Safe disposal
  • Spill control
  • Emergency response
  • Monitoring requirements such as atmospheric monitoring
  • Health surveillance
  • Control monitoring
  • Record keeping
  • Practical session
  • Q&A
  • Examination

Who should attend?

  • Lab technicians / Employees
  • Contractors
  • Self-employed workers
  • Supervisors / Managers
  • Management professional and Consultants
  • Anyone interested in chemical safety

Training Duration 

1 Day


Understanding of English (if language requirement is not addressed)

Understanding / Knowledge of chemicals related to their occupation.

Exam details (Duration, Pattern)

  • Duration: 60 minutes  
  • Platform/Mode: Written or Online


Qualified participants will receive certificate on “Chemical Safety”; others will receive certificate of participation.

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